Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Running Tour of D.C. and How I Lost My Car Key

I very cleverly bought a very slim key ring to put ONLY my car key on, so that I could slip it on and off my house key ring, which is thick and pretty much impossible to get the car key back on once I take it off. So this system worked great! I could slip the thin car key ring off when heading out for a run, and didn't have to take my 10,000 other keys with me. I'm so smart!

Nine miles on the sched today and I found the meetup place this week in 15 minutes (as Coach Peter said, "See you ARE getting faster!"). There were six of us running today in the so-called "slow" group, temp was a balmy 28F, some wind.

Nine miles in 1:39, an 11 min/mile pace, about 30 seconds slower than my best run ever. But faster than if I were left to my own devices. Today's run took us past the Iwo Jima memorial

across the Key Bridge

through Georgetown

past the D.C. waterfront

past the Lincoln Memorial,

past the reflecting pool

back over the Memorial Bridge

past the Pentagon (come on you know what that looks like), to voila! Gotta Run. I was still DFL, but I was trying like hell to keep up, so I pushed myself the entire way.

I got to the bottom of a lovely little hill about 75 yards from the finish, and told myself I was running up that m*****f***** if it was the last thing I did. And I did. (I love it when I talk that way.)

I ran without headphones the whole way, so had plenty of time to talk to myself. Most of my talk consisted of "Don't lose them!" interspersed with singing (don't ask) "Bye Bye Love"—over and over and over. I remember thinking, so this is what screaming calves feel like. What I'm sayin' is: It was rough!

I don't know what I've been doing for the past few years people, but I don't think I've been running. I think I've been fooling around! This group is seriously kicking my butt!

After coffee with Coach J, and Coach Peter, I headed home—NOTE: DRIVING MY CAR, which required a CAR KEY—got home, parked, walked the 40 steps to the entrance to my building, opened the door, stepped onto the elevator, rode to the 3rd floor, and opened my apartment.

I hung around 'til 4ish, when I decided I needed to run some errands. Got dressed, grabbed keys, and headed down to the car. Where I discovered: no car key. Ah, must be back in the apartment. Back upstairs, tear apartment apart. No key. Retrace steps, peer through car window. Look all over parking lot.



Apparently, that clever thin key ring that slipped so easily on and off my big key ring? Yeah. Fell off. Somewhere between my parking place and the door to my building. A distance of: 40 steps.

Lucky for me, I do know where there's a spare key. At least I think it's a key to my car, never actually having tried it. It's cleverly stashed at work. I'll just hop in the car...wait, no, that's not gonna work.


Instead, I hopped on the bus, after a 1/2 hour wait in the cold. Got to work, found what I hoped was the car key, did a few errands, and hopped back on the bus.

Home 1 1/2 hours later, with much trepidation, I tried the car key. SUCCESS!!! I can now get to my much awaited triathlon orientation tomorrow!

But that other key? Somehow disappeared in the 40 paces it takes me to walk from the car to the apartment.

I do tend to lead a charmed life.


peter said...

DFL, what's that again?

Is that the Kinks? Oh, probably not, you're way too young to remember the Kinks.

Good luck on your Tri meeting.

Just12Finish said...

I didn't know DC has a waterfront. Water yes, but front too?

And, why hasn't Home Depot adopted you yet?

Rainmaker said...

Very nice run! I love that route (or variations on it). The loop over the Key Bridge and onto the mall and back over Memorial is perhaps one of the best runs in the area. Hit all the major attractions, and everything keeps on changing.

Diversity in scenery is the *key* to a good run. ;)

not telling. said...

i thought they were the everly brothers or something like that. too lazy to google the name.

nice job on the keys. so clever. i lost keys like that. thin ones. worked their way though a hole in the key pocket and were in the built-in pantycloth of my running loincloth. couldn't find them. took forever. found when i took a shower. never thought to give my pink parts a pat. i am sure that's the first thing you did.

Thomas said...

Have you found the car keys yet? Two weeks ago, Niamh and I combined a chest x-ray for my pneumonia with getting the car fixed. We got a rental car, drove home ... and realised that the house keys are back in the car, in Tralee, 20 miles away.

I actually had to ask Niamh to stop swearing after a while (Irish women, you know).

See? I can do worse.

Btw, if I were as smart as you pretend, I wouldn't have gotten pneumonia in the first place.

And my header picture is fairly recent. Don't worry.

Anne said...

I thought you were gonna loose in on that rambling course -- now that would be a tragedy. It could be worse: once the entire family was walking back from the gym and my husband lost his wedding ring. We all even heard it ting when it hit the pavement, had the neighborhood out looking and never found it. The car key might show up still. Stay positive.

21stCenturyMom said...

Told you! I mean I told you that you could make that run. HA!

That run is historic! But a tad chilly for my taste.

And that key? hmmm.... Do you remember putting it back on the keyring? Maybe it's still in the pocket of your running clothes? Not that I don't think you looked there but that's something I would do.

Mrs. Duffy said...

Sorry, DC is colder than NYC! I *still* need to get a group like that...

Susan said...

Oh my! *grimace*

It's so odd how strange things happen sometimes that make you want to scream to the universe "WHY ME???"

Susan said...

Excellent photos, by the way. I felt like I was there.

WannaBe5Ker said...

What a great run! Love the pix, and I didn't know DC had a waterfront. WTG on your 9 miler.

Glad you ultimately found your key.

Have fun @ your orientation!

WannaBe5Ker said...

I mean found A key, I know the #1 key was lost...I was thinking elevator shaft, btw...?

Rae said...

Aww man, what a pain. Didn't you end up not having keys sometime recently when you were at the airport?

What a beautiful run, I've just got to visit DC one day.

Judi said...

Great job on the 9 miles!!

Jade Lady said...

I just happened to see this older post - and enjoyed the read and the pics! I'm such a key loser myself - I really need to glue it to my forehead or something!

Found you thru Susan and I see you're also friends with Peter, who I follow.