Monday, July 02, 2007

I Know a Secret

So, when last we left out heroines they were planning on visiting Hain's Point early Saturday morning for a 4.8 mile run. Turns out that NOD's idea of early is a little different from my idea of early, so we got there at 8:45, or in other words, practically the middle of the day.

We had planned on parking next to the Awakening, but were thwarted by heavy duty plywood gates blocking our way. No admittance for us! Seriously, I could have breached these defenses with, well, with nothing!

NOD marched right up to a park ranger and asked "what up?" He said, "Oh, we store the fireworks for the 4th of July back here." Um, thanks. Speak up, cuz I don't think the the terrorists caught that. (P.S. This is the secret to which the title alludes. However, as of tonight, it's now OK to tell secrets in this town!)

This town. It make-a me crazy!

I figured I would just run the other way, around the tidal basin for 25 minutes and back, since my instructions were to run 4.8 miles in around 55 min. Close enough.

So out I trudged, NOD trudging behind me. Her goal was 15 min out and back. I started circling the basin when an old familiar urge starting making itself known.

Yes, again.

But no problem, there were about 10,000 portapotties set up in preparation for the fourth of July festivities. I dashed to the first set. Locked. Second set. Locked.

WHAT IS IT WITH THIS TOWN?!? Tell any yahoo who asks where the explosives are stored, but lock all the portapotties. That'll teach 'em. Teach us. Teach somebody.

I had no choice, found a clump of bushes and some very large leaves and ... etc.

NOD later remarked that she thought it was a bit odd that I think everyone should wear gloves and I hate touching the escalator railing in Metro for fear of germs, but have no problem dropping trou and using leaves in the middle of busy Ohio Drive in downtown D.C.

I don't see any inconsistency, do you??

Anywho, I ran some distance equalling 50 minutes but it felt slow and sluggish. NOD and I topped off the morning people watching from our favorite Capitol Hill coffeeshop, and wandering around the remains of Eastern Market.

All in all, a fine fine day.

Sunday was a rest day and I managed to go out and overeat with some friends Sunday night, including drinking a real drink and having insomnia all night because I slept all day because I didn't sleep Saturday night because the new tenant who lives below me threw an animal house party until 3 a.m. Complete with live barfing over the balcony railing.

My life is very complicated.

So this morning, Monday, I "awoke" (can you awake if you never slept?) at 5:40 in a deep dark black mood.

But, as Ms. Susie taught me waaay back at the start of this running odyssey, if it wasn't for the bad runs we'd never appreciate the good ones, right?

I went into automrunmode and did this:

I don't pretend to understand. I just hope I haven't peaked too soon. Cuz I got me a race to run!


Bex said...

I do believe that instead of water, Gatorade, or anything remotely healthy, gin & tonics should be your new, required, pre-race drink.

21stCenturyMom said...

OMG! That was a smokin' hot run. I've got a race to run, too and I have not had ANY runs that look anything like yours. I'm toast.

susie said...

Unbelievable!! But of course you did.Way to go Jeanne. I'm going to try the gin & tonic method myself:)

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Sounds like a damn fine running day to me. Uh, except the porta potty locking part. WTH?

And you need to cut the Prez and Libby a break. They had permission from the Vice Presidential branch of the government. ;)

Nancy Toby said...

Hain's Point... fireworks.... okay, I'm taking notes for my next attempt at world domination.

Phoenix said...

Awesome run! I'm with the gin and tonic camp.

I used to have a neighbor like that - only he liked to party on Monday nights. Nothing like somebody puking underneath your window and 4 am early Tuesday morning to start the week off right. He ended up in rehab, however (go figure) and things were much quieter after that.

Susan said...


Laurie said...

Oh Jeanne!

If only you could fool us into believing your secret is about fireworks! We know it is really about making deposits all over DC. Oh wait, that isn't a secret! ;)

Good luck with your first race post-surgery!

David said...

Homeland Security has your number Missy. Secret Service is on to your liberal attitude about fair and balanced justice inside the Beltway too. Be very careful. They have evidence from your indiscretion on Ohio to hold against you, hopefully not too close.
The Joker (not Jack Nicholson) has some face cream for you try too.
Stop expecting your neighbors to acidify your garden, okay?
Hey - nice run.

Neese said...

look at you in the 10's! splendid! :o)

WannaBe5Ker said...

That's a mighty admirable run, at least according to the numbers (minus that old familiar urge, that is, you poor thing).

And I see no inconsistency at all in your ability to do what you need to do while out and about vs. not wanting to touch escalators etc.(I extend that courtesy to doorknobs/handles, the shopping cart (ick), etc.). My own kid spews germies everywhere, which means other folks spew germies everywhere too. I know what's on these things, no way in heck am I touching them. I am WITH you.

Just12Finish said...

I'm double watching where I place my picnic blanket from here on out!