Sunday, July 29, 2007

This Must Be the Place

Recognize this? You should—it's everywhere!

The very kind people at Accelerade sent me a few boxes of this stuff and asked if I'd give it a test ride and let people know what I thought. So, I did (sort of) and I will.

Yesterday was my 10-mile group long run so off I went in my little putt-putt machine hoping the engine would not decide to break down on the beltway at 7 a.m. We meet at 7:30 a.m. these days, which is supposed to be early but in Washington might as well be high noon. Too late people!

Yesterday's long run for my group was four miles on the Mt. Vernon trail, which runs along the Virginia side of the Potomac River. We met at Daingerfield Island (which is neither dangerous nor an island) and ran north to Reagan National Airport and back. My personal long-run schedule said six miles, which I had tried to do a few weeks ago on my own and choked. So while hanging around waiting for everyone to arrive, I intensely debated whether or not to add on two miles. Like my life depended on it.

There were about 10,000 runners gathered at Daingerfield Island on Saturday: Team in Training, the Arlington Road Runners, Galloway's group, and a few others. Toss in a few thousand bikers on the trail and good luck not getting killed. As we waited, like some old school marm (no offense to old school marms!) I warned people to please stay to the right and not run six abreast as I've seen some highly organized groups do.

Coach J. arrived and off we went.

Coach J.'s group has a wide range of paces: from 9-minute milers to 13-minute milers. Two people were far ahead of me, one girl was near my pace but was walk/running, and the rest of the group was a behind me. Alone in the midst of thousands. A voice in the wilderness. And, I had made the supreme sacrifice of running sans headphones since I'm trying to be social! For naught!

Oh the humanity.

At the turnaround point I finally made the critical all-important life changing decision that today was the day I was going to merge my two programs into one and get my six-mile long run in. I was feeling good at mile two so pushed on to three. It was hot, the trail has lots of rolling hills, and little shade. And I was cleverly carrying no water. (But I did have my shoe ID on! Thanks, E.!)

(Mt. Vernon trail, Gravelly Point, north of National airport. Clueless walker about to be mowed down by bike.)

Still feeling good at mile three, I started worrying about no water. Lucky for me the Arlington Road Runners Club had a lovely table set up nearby with my version of sex on the beach: frozen grapes! And pretzels. A veritable buffet. And water. I helped myself to two gulps of water, said thanks, and was on my way.

Was that wrong?

Six miles in the can! I'm just starting to believe that ten is within my grasp. Maybe.

But. It. Was. Hot. Apparently my moisture-wicking clothing lost its wickiness a while ago. I was drenched. I inhaled an entire bottle of Gatorade and another of water the minute I got back.

After I got in the car, I pulled out the Accelerade. I swilled some down while I cranked up the heat in my car (to pull it out of the engine. Fun.).

So a few words about Accelerade. First, it's got milk products (whey protein) in it, so if you're vegan, you might think twice about it.

Second, it's not really a thirst quencher. The "citrus grapefruit" flavor left a not-unpleasant after-taste, but also left me thirsty. It has an odd mouth-feel.

The protein in it is 'sposed to make it a good recovery drink, but I'm not sure I gave it a good test. I got home, read the paper, and immediately crashed for two hours. So maybe it's good for getting you to sleep?

When I woke up, I had a slightly sick stomach. It could have been the Gatorade, the heat, the Starbucks raspberry scone I picked up on the way home OR the Accelerade.

But that didn't stop me from heading out to celebrate someone's birthday at the Korean BBQ. And if you've ever read someone's blog, you know she can really pack in the calories. She's a machine. I've never seen more food on one table in my life. The good news is I overcame my queasy stomach, and tried everything in sight (but the meat) and I loved it all, my first foray into the world of Korean cuisine.

Saturday's totals:
mile 1: 9:30
mile 2: 11:04
mile 3: 10:47
mile 4: 11:34
mile 5: 10:42
mile 6: 11:03

One raspberry scone
One gatorade
One accelerade
Seaweed salad, bip 'n bop (?), edamame, miso, and lots of other yummy stuff that I can't pronounce and don't know what it is. All I know is: it cured what ailed me, and it was GOOD.

Now bounce on over to someone's site and wish her Happy Birthday!


21stCenturyMom said...

Excellent splits! Have you ever considered the possibility that you WERE born to run but just a long time figuring that out?

Laurie said...

Great job forging on for two miles than the rest of the group. That is a hard thing to do and you deserve credit!

It was not wrong at all to take water from the other group. I would have taken grapes and pretzels too! Especially that sex on the beach part ;)

Neese said...

Well, I'm all for trying something new, but that doesn't sound like a ringing endorsement. Does it have High Fructose Corn Syrup in it?

Awesome job on the run. Nice splits.

Just12Finish said...

Korean BBQ post-run ... now I've heard everything.

What makes me great said...

New here, Just wanted to say awesome, keep it up!


LBTEPA said...

How s it that I didn't know you're a vegetarian? I've even seen in your fridge.
And how long is it since you had surgery? And you're cranking out 6 miles? And swiping other people's sex on the beach? And eating bibimba? (I loved that stuff when I was in Korea mmmmmmmm)
I want to be you when I grow up

a.maria said...

well, for anyone reading this for the accelerade info... i absolutely LOVE it.

i use the powder, so that i can mix it the way i like, stronger for longer rides (i use it while riding.. if i use it while running, my stomach gets upset), but i've absolutely felt like it makes a difference vs. straight gatorade.

just.. fyi.

however.. great splits! i hope my 5 miler goes half as well!

peter said...

Korean BBQ on Satuday, sounds yummy! I'm glad you were able to wish Bex a Happy Birthday on Saturday also. (You know, she is leaving this country and moving to California soon.) Sounds like you had a great 6-mile run on Saturday too. Some people have all the fun!

Laufenweg said...

thanks for the restaurant and trail info. i'm in tyson's now, and the Korean bbq place is practically across the street. yummo.

running in tysons = baaaad. ha

Juls said...

Where's my box?

Bex said...

awwww ... that's nice of you! So glad you could help me eat 100 pounds of Korean food. We will definitely have to do it again. And by the way, you're making great progress in your running. We need to talk again about your getting a real coach, not some amateur like moi .....

Bolder said...

wanna full review after the 20th bottle...

particularly if you find a flavor you like...

Firefly's Running said...

I did not have any good luck with Accelerade, but prefer the fruit punch flavor over the lemon-lime.

Great job!

Rae said...

I've only had Accelerade at the CMM in April and that stuff makes me want to vomit. It really made a lot of people at the race sick, it may be better as a recovery drink than a during run drink but I am staying away from it!!

Great job on your run!!!!

Vickie said...

So what's with only "certain" people being chosen for this Accelerate testing? I've heard a few other bloggers got some too. Hmm, must be you are on a special list? I actually have used it a couple of times. Not sure what to say about it either. It worked okay in that after a 50 mile ride, I was NOT hungry in the least the next day. I haven't been able to get enough to eat since the second day, however!

runningkate said...

It seems like a few other bloggers had issue with accelerade when given a box to try out for free. They said the same thing with a sick stomach and it just was too heavy on the system. Good luck with the runs!

Dori said...

Good job on your 6 miles! I was thinking the sick stomach had to do with heat stroke. You don't eat much, do you? I always have a little bit to eat before I run, then have carbs and protein after my run. It's why I run! Then I take a nap. :-)