Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Streak Continues!

See, in my world, a "streak" probably has a slightly different connotation than in your world. I'm not sure exactly what my definition of "streak" is, but I'm having one, damn it.

Monday: 3 miles outside, on trail, in cold early dawn.
Tuesday: Spin
Wednesday: 3 miles on that $#!fickin' frackin' treadmill
Today: 3 miles, outside in the not-all-that cold-midday.

Laugh if you must, but that is my streak. Three runs in one week! And the week isn't over yet. I might just end up with 13 miles in the can. (I vaguely remember the days when I could run 13 miles in one fell swoop. Was that really just five months ago? Sigh.)

I think actually a streak is a continuous spell of exercise. Which by that definition could actually mean one day. OK, a continuous spell of exercising over more than one day. OK, how about running four times in one week (which will happen after Saturday's run)? OK? We clear?

That's my streak. And I'm damn proud of it!

In other news: I've started taking the bus to work. That doesn't sound momentous to many of you I know, but whenever I take the bus, I feel so virtuous. It's hard for me to be without a car because I often have 72 bags of stuff I'm dragging with me (usually running gear, books, papers, lunch, giveaway clothes) but I am trying to arrange it so I take the bus at least four days a week. Besides saving wear and tear on the car, and a little thing I like to call saving mother earth, the other HUGE motivator for me is that I can now read the paper again. If I'm lucky, the bus gets stuck in traffic and I get to read 2-3 stories. It's all good, people!

In other other news: I finally achieved one of my lifetime goals (listed over there on 43 things): To have the Washington Post (the people who brought you Watergate!) print one of my submissions. Don't believe me? Read for yourself! Cross that baby off the goal list!

And saving the best for last:

CRAIG: 3:59:32
ALISON: 4:01:25

(Geeze Craig, would it have killed you to let her go first? C'mon!)

Congrats to both of you!

(Superman, aka Craig, and not Alison)

And that's a wrap people!


KHAQQ said...

Kudos to you! Virtuous indeed, riding the bus. And woot-woot for your running streak. I used to run cross country and loved it. Working on getting back in shape here. Keep up the good work.

21stCenturyMom said...

Great job on the streak and on the letter. I hope you can save your environment!

Danielle said...

I most definitely think that is a streak! Anyways, I get mildly depressed when I am logging my miles and see that I have run 4 whole miles in a week. Ah, how the mighty have fallen! Well, "mighty" is probably an exaggeration...

Laufenweg said...

well done! taking the bus, your letter to WashPost and your running! keep it up. :-)

i hope the mall developers will LISTEN and provide walking access. you'd think that would be the trend these days, wouldn't you?!

Elizabeth said...

Congrats on the publication. That's fantastic! And kudos on the running streak. (You're not talking about streaking, are you?) 4 runs in one week definitely counts as a huge accomplishment in my book!

Thomas said...

Congratulations on your Washington Post appearance. You've made it now.

What next?

Noames said...

Ooh, good letter. And SUCH a good point--I love that Bethesda is still walkable, why would they want to take that away? Grr...

Also congrats on all the running. Is it starting to warm up?

Running Jayhawk said...

you're well on your way to taking over the world!

Congratulations on the publication! That's so very exciting! I'm going to have to check out that 43things link. :) Thanks for sharing and keep up your streak (funny I should read this now since earlier today I posted about attempting a running streak of my own).

Keep it up, Jeanne!

WADDLER26.2 said...

ALot of great accomplishments. Kudos to you.

Dori said...

Impressive letter--congratulations on getting it printed! And good job on your streak. I postponed my Thursday run to Friday, and then didn't run on Friday either, which leaves me at 2 for the week. That's why I need a group.

Bussing to work can save you money, but you pay for it in time and hassle. Kudos to you for doing it.

I've still managed to stay away from the sugar (sucrose and evaporated cane juice)--thanks to Lara Bars. This morning I had a dream that we were running together and you handed me a huge bag of M&Ms. I ate a bunch of them before I remembered that I quit eating sugar. Isn't that funny!

David said...

Such a week of accomplishment! My goodness. I can't even come up with a snide comment, I am so impressed with your many virtues. I guesss you get a pass today. :)

IHateToast said...

i hate malls. loved them as a teen. now they're just big blocks of ugly with a smelly inside of retail and fry oil.

good luck. i hope they do think about the pedestrians. with petrol and waistlines the way they are, it should be a top priority for the hood. westfield people won't care, though. they're over here making big blocks of ugly, too.

Just12Finish said...

Mother Earth loves you.

Laufenweg said...
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Laufenweg said...

i'm watching the morning news today (monday, 3/12/07)and see that 2 buses collided in montgomery county, MD. what a mess!!! hope you weren't caught up in it.

my little sister used to live in friendship heights on jenifer street. her husband's family used to have a wonderful restaurant on 20th between L&M streets in dc - Marrocco's Italian Restaurant. sadly, it's gone now. :-(

but...her hubby now is the head chef out at Magonlia's At the Mill in Purcellville, Va. it's a cute place.

anyways - hope you're not in the middle of a horrible traffic jam this morning. happy day light saving monday!

Bex said...

Kudos on the letter, and good for you for taking the bus to work. I only wish more people followed your lead! Hey, excellent music work on Saturday. We will ride that effing chariot well tonight ...

LBTEPA said...

about everything. (Bows deeply)

Rae said...

Way to go on all the streaking!!

And congrats on the WP article! It was SO well written!