Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Dream

If it doesn't take much to ruin Katie's day, it doesn't take a whole lot to make mine.

When I got home tonight I was totally exhausted, with a computer-induced headache and a wild look in my eye. But I knew something good was a-comin', and it wasn't the Wells Fargo Wagon.

It was this:
(Do other people take pictures of food?)

I try hard to stay apolitical, as well as areligious (is that a word?) on this blog, because at work I play a journalist, and I kind of take that seriously. But I gotta tell you: I belong to this church that just blows my mind. If they hear you are sick? Or in the hospital? It doesn't matter that you are now 12 days post-op and back at work, you are getting dinner delivered to you. So I came home to lovely cajun catfish, rice, green beans, and a yogurt parfait for dessert! All homemade by some lovely volunteer.

It's been a steady stream of cards and well wishes by phone and e-mail. And while in the hospital, flowers delivered to me by a most charming and dashing elderly priest, who left me this note:
I thought you would be having a glass of wine by now. Hope everything goes well.
Um yum! Make me dinner and I'm all yours.

Bring me flowers and watch out.

I am one lucky girl.


Firefly's Running said...

Yummy dinner, Jeanne. Catfish is very yummy!

21stCenturyMom said...

Nice! It's so good to feel the love.

peter said...

Ah the Episcopalians. When I grew up in NYC, the Episcopal Church we went to had a beautiful church full of stained glass and a warming all-inclusive philosophy. I felt welcome and secure there and imagined the faith was all about love and good deeds. Where I live now, Falls Church, alas the sect here seems to be largely a bunch of judgmental exclusionists who recently embarked on a new adventure of wresting away the beautiful church building and following some zealot in Nigeria. Wither hast thou gone, Spiscopalians whom I used to know? At least in Northern Virginia. Your congregation in Maryland sounds nice though, still concerned about individuals and undertaking quiet good tasks.

Neese said...

That is so sweet of the church group to continually show you love.. um, what's that nickel doing by your dinner? :)

Lisa Fine Goldstein/Kelly Kelly said...

That is really sweet of them! It looks goooooood.

I am glad to hear you are recovering well from surgery. I read the previous posts.

We should get together for dinner soon. I promise not to serve grapes and cake..or rather not to ONLY serve those things.

Take Care, Lisa

Anne said...

Sure does sound like you lucked out and found the perfect parish. Also sounds like you are healing nicely.

IHateToast said...

do you ever get so excited about the meals you jump and clap forgetting that jumping is not in the cards for you right now?

12 days already? you've surely got your Pee-h. D. by now. i'll be expecting something on youtube!

David said...

The dinner looks great. My older son takes pictures of his meals at home everytime he comes home. He loves his mommy's cooking.
So what are you fixing when it is your turn to cook it up for a sick parishioner?

jeanne said...

neese: the nickel? why, that's part of my table decorations!

and David: What I'll be cooking up is volunteering to drive meals. Everyone will be safer that way, believe me.

Dori said...

That is very nice. I'm sure you're a very giving person yourself, but it's also good to receive graciously.