Monday, November 20, 2006

Nobody Move

Okay, this is it, my last hurrah this side of the pond. Please, no one do anything exciting or fun while I'm gone, or write anything funny or motivational, for pete's sake. No having any babies or getting engaged (you know who you are) or setting any Big Giant Records of any kind.

In fact, as Number One Daughter's hippy babysitter used to tell her every time I dropped her off, "No Fun Allowed." (That always made her laugh.) (I plan to blog every step of this trip so perhaps this warning is moot.)

With that, I'll leave you with this:
Click for cooking instructions! (My pleasure, CS.)

Happy Thanksgiving!

(Watch the vid over there------------> for its educational and geohistorical value, timely holiday message, and because it's just so easy to make fun of the '70s.)


Firefly's Running said...

Awwwwwww....come on. We still need to have fun.

Wanna-be 5k-er said...

Buen viaje en Espana!!!! Wow!!!! You are going to have a great time! Soak it in! And enjoy the quality time with your daughter!

Lulu said...

Have a blast in Spain!

Amy said...

Have a great time - remember you can always eat sensibly when you return - so while you are there tapas tapas tapas - enjoy that great food while you can!

And should you get motivated, I think it is always so great and memorable to run in a foreign country - so give it a go.

Either way have a great trip and travel safe.

a.maria said...


(i hate you and its not fair!)

LBTEPA said...

Have fun you lucky thing!!

nancytoby said...

I am SO not eating that crap.

I have both a duck and a turkey in the fridge now. Which to cook? Hmm....

HAVE FUN!!! Definitely allowed!!

Bex said...

Who is that 70's band?! And I look forward to hearing tales of running, eating, quarreling with S., and more in Espana.

David said...

Did you pack some protection for your runs in the fur-in countries? You know, you can't trust them fur-in-ers. They don't lak Americans too much.


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