Thursday, November 09, 2006

Big Surprise

Well, fellow runners, I will be gone Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Now you didn't think I could possibly leave this little ol' blog unattended for three whole days, now did you? Hell no!

So I have given the keys of the kingdom to a Secret Celebrity Blogger who will post for me! And just who is this person, you ask? I'd tell, but hee, it's a secret. So you'll just have to check 50,000 times on Friday to see.

Stay tuned for a wild ride.


Firefly's Running said...

COOL! I can not wait!

Bex said...

You are evil.

Wait. No, you are good. You are going to the Great Silence this weekend and meditate. I am going to the $6 Golden Corral lunch buffet to pig out.

Flatman said...

oh good lord... ;)

Rae said...

Ha! This whole time I've been thinking you were joking about the monastery. Guess not!!!

Black Knight said...

We will miss you!