Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Now, 66.5% Fat-Free!

I had my first appointment with my tri-nutritionist yesterday. She measured my body fat with some newfangled piece of equipment that shoots electricity through your body (something like that). Result?

33.5 percent

Of FAT. (I share because I care!) Not the lovely 28.5 percent that the YMCA found at its so-called "fitness evaluation" back on March 1, 2008.

But the lovely Rebecca has a plan. I loves me a plan. My plan is to drop 10 pounds. Her plan is to get me to 30 percent body fat, and then skip on over to 25 percent body fat. Her plan will be delivered at my 2-week follow up, in um, 2 weeks. (It would have been one week but I have my COLONOSCOPY scheduled for this Friday. Is it strange that I'm looking forward to it because it means I get a day off from work?? Also, do stand by for complete coverage. If Katie Couric can do it, so can I.)

It's well established that people who log their food every day have a statistically higher percentage of weight loss than those who don't (not that that's ever convinced me). But this time, what the hey, I'm logging my intake over at livestrong.com, which has forums, workout logs, a database of every food item on the planet, and calculates everything automagically.

Nutritionist-to-the-Ironmen R. also said I only need to eat half a banana or a half-glass of orange juice before working out in the a.m. I had been eating a bowl of oatmeal with fruit and nuts and soymilk. (So. Freaking. Healthy.) Then I'd workout. Then I'd get to work and have breakfast number 2. Apparently? That's one too many breakfasts.

Who know knww KNEW?

So far I am TOTALLY FOLLOWING THE PLAN. (Today is day one.)

This was also day one of return to spinning. I discovered that my YMCA has spinning classes. And attendance is included in my membership fee. That fee that I'm already paying monthly. So all last year I paid my YMCA fee and then paid again to go spin at another gym. Granted it was worth the money to indulge my spin-instructor crushes.

I don't think I'll develop much of a crush on this spin instructor, although she's very lovely. However, she only played two "real" songs: Coldplay and Eva Cassidy. The rest of the time she played that technoeuropeanfakemusic (no offense). I felt like the lights should have been off, I should have had a drink and a cig in my hand, and someone should have feeding me pickup lines. Other than that, it was great! One hour in the bank of what-do-I-do-during-off-season.

Thirdly, the lovely people at Timex graciously sent me a heart rate monitor, which is terrific since I am too cheap to buy one.

They asked me to check out their triathlon training plans at www.timextrainer.com, and tossed in a heart rate monitor. I haven't checked out the tri training plans yet, but I have tested the heart rate monitor. And my verdict is this: It works perfectly. Except it's a little basic. It reports 1) your heart rate while you're exercising (although you can tap a button to get elapsed time but that's kind of a pain), and 2) your elapsed time at the end along with 3) your max and average heart rates during your exercise. So no splits. And no storing of any data.

So I can use this, but then I'll need to wear a watch if I want to time splits. If you're going to spring for a heart rate monitor, the

Personal Heart Rate Monitor
Price: US $50.00
Product Code: T5G941F5
is probably not the one, unless you ONLY want your heart rate.

Fourthly, I found a new running trail. I've lived in Bethesda for 12 years. I don't know when this trail opened, but it's RIGHT ACROSS the street from the YMCA to which I've been going for years. Sometimes it actually pays to look up. Especially when you're driving.

Anyway, I found the Bethesda Trolley Trail. It has bridges over two highways, it goes up and it goes down. It abruptly stops at some places and then starts again. It's near home.

I don't know whether it's the newness factor, but I've been pumping out 4.31 miles (slowly) never even thinking about walking (jinx).

I could go on, but I got me a debate to watch. Don't think that I haven't been developing new skills though, people. NBTR is all about the skillz:
Wowing my knitting audience with mad guitar hero skillz


Rainmaker said...


That seems oddly highly for you. But either way - the plan for reducing body fat is generaly always good.

Nice write-up on the Timex device. I've gotta an e-mail to answer there as well...

a.maria said...

honey, i was 32% BF the first time i got that same test done... 4 months later i was 27% body fat.

and i'm STILL 27% bodyfat.

so pay attention, do it RIGHT, get it off, and keep it off.

(and then don't plateau like i have. jeez. but tomorrow i head back to crossfit! i'll be fierce and lean yet!)

21stCenturyMom said...

You are planned up and ready to rock and roll! I have some Timex plans - I need to review them.

I so wish I could get a body fat test. Some day- when I get a job.

Susan said...

Oh Jeanne - there is no justice in this world!

Thomas said...

Maybe you gained 5% fat since the YMCA test?

(Just my revenge for the "european" thingy. Totally uncalled for, really).

Enjoy the colonoscopy, though I won't pretend to be looking forward to the report.

Helen said...

So much info. so little time to read but this totally cracked me up:

"So far I am TOTALLY FOLLOWING THE PLAN. (Today is day one.)"

Um, me too. Only problem is lately, every day has been day one. Good luck sticking with it because somebody needs to reduce their body fat.

Lesser is More said...

Its always around this time of year that I get excited for spinning again and actually making use of my gym membership. Too bad your instructor is playing mostly that techno-babble. I say try some classes with different instructors till you find one you like. It makes it much easier to want to go to keep going back to spinning and helps pass the time of the class.

BettyBetty said...

I think you should eat something post workout/recovery...maybe the other half of the bananna? You like elevenses...me too.

Zinazinabobina said...

You kids and your newfangled guitar hero.

I would trust the assessment you got from calipers at YMCA. Electrical impedance tests are frequently inaccurate. Particularly for women. Lots of variation based on water rentention. My $.02.

In other news, I'm with you in the off-season lean up plan.

Vickie said...

Maybe you could get a fat liposuction while in for the colonoscopy. Two for the price of one. It sounds like they used the fat calipers to measure the body fat? I thought you could get just as accurate of a measure from doing the BMI. Mine seemed to be right based on height and weight, and a few other things they ask.

Deene said...

i have a very simple Nike HRM, it only displays HR, has a timer and as a normal watch but i paid way more than $50. this one sounds like a better deal.

LBTEPA said...

'Doof doof' is a much shorter term for that awful music.
How can I get people to send me free stuff?
You are so determined, you'll be a lean mean Jeanne machine in no time. Can world domination be far behind??

Neal Carlton said...

So when you meet your goal, does that mean you have 100% body phat?

David said...

You are my guitar hero alright. That's one of the new, not few things about you that keep me intrigued and riveted to NBTR.


Don't be yourself up too much! Life is way too short to deprive yourself of chocolate and wine :-) That being said, I'm meeting with a nutritionist when I return from vacation!!!!

Great to meet you when you were in Austin!

Just12Finish said...

Well that's an honest review - can't argue with that. Sorry Timex.

Trihardist said...

"Doof doof" music?

I love it!

I hate when instructors just throw in some "doof doof" CD. It strikes me as lazy. If an instructor really loves what they're doing, they pick music that motivates and entertains, then they write a workout.

Of course, my gym subscribes to a pre-fab workout by Body Training Systems, so I only have to do that once every few weeks or so.

Runner Susan said...

I'm 31% body fat. it sucks. no matter what I do I'm still 31% body fat. I want to do that water thing.

and btw, you got da mean GH skillz!

Have I ever told you how much I love lesbians? and their shoes?

eileen said...

Gosh, you look beautiful in that picture!

Judi said...

I don't trust any body fat test unless it's done with calipers. NO WAY can that test be accurate, shooting electric currents thru your body? Yea right!

JEK said...

I find the number oddly high as well but congrats on forging ahead with tri training and better health.
I am interested in your colonoscopy review...I've been there. It wasn't all that bad.

Sunshine said...

Whatever the true body fat number (and maybe you could assume an "average"??)
It sure is a good plan to journal everything you eat and all of your activity. (Helps you do what you really want to be doing.)
Good wishes!!

Black Knight said...

Now I know who teached Bryan May to play the guitar!!! You!!!

Sarah Palin Genius Society said...

to they teach you to sign chests and bellies when you do the guitar hero thing?

i think if i wanted to reduce my bodyfat i'd also have to reduce things in enjoy too much. we'll see. be going raw in january. i'll let you know if living less to live more is worth it.

cheri said...

i want to check my body fat too! actually i think it's time for me to get a full-body check up. haven't done one in years.

what is the "normal" body fat %?