Saturday, September 13, 2008

Scary Dream and Declaring My Intentions

Last night I dreamed that I went to today's pre-Nation's tri swim practice in the Potomac (which I will in fact be doing later today).

When I got there and started to put on my wetsuit, I discovered that instead of actually bringing my wetsuit, in my haste and disorganization, I had brought black leggings and a little black skirt. A very cute look, but not quite right for the occasion. Sigh. So I had to go into the skanky waters of the Potomac unprotected.

Plus? The river went UPHILL. Seriously. That was HARD!!!

The good news was that it was so shallow I could walk the whole swim.

As usual I feel unprepared. I haven't trained enough. I focused too much on running and not enough on biking. I focused on swimming and got worse (I don't care if it's temporary, I'm definitely slower!)

My predictions:

Swim: My last 1500 yards in the pool: 49 minutes. So I'm predicting 49 minutes for the 1.5 swim.
Transition: ha ha ha

Bike: 40K 1:30ish
Transition: whatevah

Run: 10K: My DREAM GOAL is 1:15. (Lie. My DREAM GOAL is 1:00.) I'll take up to 1:26 though, cuz that would be beating my NJ time by one minute. My actual, real goal though, is to only walk the water stops, and to not give up and just start walking for no reason.

Fun: Yeah. Please, try to have fun!!!

In sum, here are my Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Happy goals:

Gold: 3:30
Silver: 3:45
Bronze: 3:53 (beating NJ by ONE MINUTE)
Happy: Finished my second Olympic uninjured!

See? Can't lose!


LBTEPA said...

Go Jeanne go!

David said...

Swim, Bike, Run. No problem. The winner is .....

21stCenturyMom said...

That's right - can't lose! Will have fun!

Try to draft on the swim - it helps and so what if you annoy the person you are drafting off of. also - don't forget to spray your goggles with anti-fog or use baby shampoo (rub them with baby shampoo the night before and then rinse in the AM).

Your goals look GREAT to me. And you did ride - it just seems like you didn't.

Nancy Toby said...

See you in the morning!! Those transitions will be seriously long, running with the bike, but so be it, bring it on!! and yeah, HTFU to both of us!!

Susan said...

Can't wait to hear... but what's this about icing a foot???

ShirleyPerly said...

There have been some swim courses I've done that were hillier than the run and bike courses. But I'm sure you'll not see that in the Potomac.

Good luck!!!

IHateToast said...

uphill? dude, deep down inside, you want to be salmon.