Friday, September 26, 2008

Random Friday

1. I'm back from Austin.

2. Met AJ.

3. She's funny.

4. Austin is great.

5. Went on run with aj, and the entire TOWN was out running. At night.

6. Talked to the Ironwoman Coach Tammy (newly moved to Austin from Seattle--the last place I didn't see her) by phone--but she was TOO BUSY getting her ph.d. on to come to dinner with us.

7. Austin is not near Houston.

8. Austin should totally be on a coast. Preferably the east coast.

9. Got the best haircut of my life here.

10. Immediately put on a hat and ruined it by going running.

11. Sat in conference room all day yesterday.

12. Award for best snacks at a conference: Chocolate milk, ho-hos, twinkies, and those red snowball things. No actual food products were served.

13. I feel like a cow.

14. I have no training plan.

15. I found CrossFit near my house. It's intense. Not sure how much it costs.

16. I need to do the 100 pushup challenge

17. Or I could check out the Y.

18. Cuz don't forget I need to work on my swimming.

19. And running.

20. And biking.

21. Am seeing Tri nutritionist on Oct. 6.

22. And getting colonoscopy on Oct. 10.

23. David Byrne played in Austin last night. I could have gone, HAD I KNOWN.

24. How is it possible that I manage to leave town the DAY BEFORE Austin City Limits starts?

25. David Byrne is coming to D.C. the day my annual SILENT RETREAT ends.

26. David Byrne obviously has a thing for me.

27. Tomorrow I'm going to Bike D.C. ("a noncompetitive, community bike ride through 17 car-free miles of Washington, DC.") and then going to the National Book Festival where I hope to see Alexander McCall Smith (I'm a sucker for a man in a kilt). Wanna come?

28. It's supposed to rain tomorrow.

29. Am toying with thinking about doing this, which aj is doing next week.

30. Please stop me.


LBTEPA said...

Maybe you should move there!
David Byrne...oh my (does he still wear the enormous suits?)
I'll do the 100 pushups challenge with you if you like
You are so lucky having so many tris to do. I reckon go nuts

21stCenturyMom said...

Longhorn this year? No - you are not ready for that. Next year? FOR SURE! Maybe I'll do it, too. It could happen!

21stCenturyMom said...

That was assuming Longhorn only has a 70.3 If they have an Oly or a Sprint go ahead.

jeanne said...

no, not this year! people it's NEXT WEEK!

Susan said...

I'v eheard great things about Austin. Was it super hilly?

Runner Susan said...

You had time for a hair cut, but not for moi? I know where my priorities lie now . . .

Does your camera do video? I'm thinking my next vlogging adventure could be the 100 push up thing. We could do it together.

AFTER Chicago.

Thomas said...

Is that the longest list you've ever come up with?

zandria said...

There's a CrossFit studio in the same location where my gym is located, but I've been too scared of the intensity so far to try it out. Not to mention the monthly fee for this particular place is $200 a month...

Rainmaker said...

Sounds like an awesome trip! As for doing a half...hmm...I think you should do RI70.3, cause, well - all the cool kids from DC who couldn't get into thier local races are doing it. :)

David said...

#22 TMI!!

ShirleyPerly said...

Yeah, Austin is a very cool city. My sis Jade Lady lives there and it seems there is just so much to do there, both tri-related and not.

Good luck with #22! (does NOT sound fun)

Neal Carlton said...

- Austin is home. I wish I could've gone too!
- For the 100 pushup challenge, I stopped at 54 the other day. Almost there!
- When I went on my run this weekend along part of the bike DC route and down the mall, I stopped at a tent to see this guy in a kilt speaking and steal a bottle of water. He was pretty funny.

IHateToast said...

you're a sucker for a man who doesn't wear undies.

21stCenturyMom said...

I'm in for the 100 push up challenge. Are you going to do the on-line organizing? Susan can vlog and I can lie about my participation. Perfect!

Dori said...

You've gone to S.F. to see 21CM; you've gone to Austin to see AJ. When are you going to come to Cambria to see me? Seriously, you're welcome anytime. You can even have your own bathroom. :-)

Just12Finish said...

You went to Austin and missed the UT - Arkansas game?!