Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Run Don't Walk Update or Most Boring Post Ever

How is my no walking-during-running plan (declared on August 3) coming along you ask? Well, I thought I'd give you a run (ha ha) down.

(You may detect a theme. Unless you fall asleep first.)

August 1: 3 miles, no walking, day 1.

August 3: 3 miles, no walking

August 5: 3 miles, no walking

August 7: 3 miles, no walking

August 9: Training tri, got flat tire, ran 5k after swim ... NO WALKING.

August 10: 4 miles, no walking

August 12: 3 miles, no walking

August 14: 3 miles, no walking

August 17: 5 miles, no walking

August 20: 3 miles, no walking

August 23: Brick: 3.1 miles, after 16 mile-bike ride, walked on and off after 2.5 miles

August 26: 4 miles, no walking

August 31: 5.8 miles with tri group, Mt. Vernon trail...some walking on the return leg (ha, ha, get it? Walking on leg?), which curiously, was more downhill than the way out.

Sept. 3: 5 miles, no walking

Sept 6: 5.5ish miles, no walking, in a hurricane

Sept 10: 3.5ish miles, No. Freakin'. Walking.

I have been PROMISED a REWARD of my choice if I finish the Nation's Tri without walking. What would it take, J. wanted to know, to help me through Sunday without walking?

My answer was instantaneous.



Rainmaker said...

Now you're talkin'! It's all about the Chocolate Cow!

Congrats on the no walking plan success!

peter said...

I think I'm seeing a whole lot of No Walking. Congrats. Your progress has been amazing and an inspiration. Hey would one of my red & white 3-speed SmartBikes make it up one of those mountains you regularly ride up now?

ShirleyPerly said...

This is a funny post to me because I could almost do a similar one for no breastroking during swimming the past month. Except that a couple times I did because was supposed to in a group swim. So no reward for me ;-)

You deserve one, though!!

Black Knight said...

....and I started a walking program to bring my wife to a real running program! 1 hour every other day (+ my usual training).
Congrats for your no walking plan success.

Thomas said...

Chocolate milk is my usual recovery drink. Three of four times a week, after a hard workout, it's straight to the fridge. Yummy! Recovery aid and reward in one go.

Runner Susan said...

I think the general consensus is that it is better to run from a hurricane than walk in one . . . i'm just guessing!!

Now I want chocolate milk.

21stCenturyMom said...

Excellent job on the no walking plan.

You did stipulate that you get to stop at the aid stations to drink water, right? That part is totally legit.

LBTEPA said...

Chocolate milk? Not champagne or 70% cocoa rum n raisin? mmmmmm.
Good luck on Sunday!!

Sunshine said...

Your running toward goals is running right along.
Even your record keeping and reporting is impressive.
Way to go.

Vickie said...

So easy to please! See I told you it would come. It doesn't have to always be fast. Continuous sometimes makes me thrilled just for the effort. The more time on your feet, the faster you will get.

Susan said...

WHOA BABY! That is a lot of NOT WALKING. Go girl!

Just12Finish said...

AWESOME! See? Easy!