Thursday, May 24, 2007

Walkers of the World, Unite

I am here to tell you that you are misunderstood and unappreciated. Walking is hard! Walking is quite a workout! Walking is as hard as running. Since April 22 I've walked: 95.1 miles, at an average pace of 15:32/mile and it's practically killed me. So rock on, walkers, is all I have to say. You need to unionize! Or at least get a song!

Today was the Big Day. And in case you haven't guessed by now, or haven't read it yet in the New York Times, I got the all clear to walk, run, skip rope, swim, bike, spin, lift weights, and stand on my head if I want. Even all at once!

Upon hearing this news, I immediately contacted TEAM JEANNE for advice, before I did something idiotic.

And the TEAM of TEAM JEANNE gave these stellar instructions:
Go out for an EASY one-mile run today. Walk one or two miles to cool down. Walk on Friday. Plan your next EASY SHORT run for Saturday, maybe 1.2 to one and a quarter miles with a cool down walk. Run Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday next week. Nothing far (one and a half to two miles max) fast or strenuous.
Which, after much pondering and serious study, I translated this way:
Go out for an a really fast hard one-mile run today. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.

I laced up the PF Flyers and hit the trail with much anticipation and loads of trepidation. Running, pfft, it looks so easy! How hard could it be?

So today I did this:
Mile 1, walk: 27,000 minutes (16:53 (including long traffic stop))

Mile 2, run (are ya ready??): 9:43

Mile 3, walk: 400,000 minutes (17:08 (long traffic stop))

Woot, I say again!

Of course I was ready to die after mile 2. I'll be good from now on, I promise. I have a long, long way to go. Actually, I don't need to promise, because if I'd had to run three feet more, I would have collapsed in a heap. The last time I ran was March 17, 11 long long weeks ago. Somehow I have managed not to gain any weight in the interim (walking!), but things were jiggling that I didn't remember jiggling before. I am starting over. And I have goals and plans and Big Things to accomplish!

Oh, and the other news? The operation was a success! And the patient lived!

And as if THAT weren't enough good news for one day, I got this e-mail from my condo manager about that little situation with my upstairs neighbors:
Hi Jeanne,

I found the original letter, written to the owner in November of 2005. Apparently, he had repairs done by unlicensed contractors at some point, which resulted in a violation. I will send a copy of this letter to him, along with a new violation letter, tomorrow. In it I will state that he has ten days to make repairs, or we will do it for him. He will also be called before the board for a hearing if he doesn't comply.

I'll send you a copy of the letter, and then please let me know within ten days or so if anything has transpired.
Woot! I just hope my place hasn't been burned down by the time I get home.

It's all good people. Life is really a ... no not a box of chocolates, a string of ups and downs. At least that's what the people at the psychiatric clinic told me. After they handed me my meds.

Now, I would like to leave you with an inspirational video. This character never failed to inspire me over the years, and I hope he does the same for you.


21stCenturyMom said...

Holy Smoke - I obviously wrote that last email before I read this post.

ROCK ON! You're back!

That is very, very good news, indeed.

As for the neighbor - I believe repairing YOUR condo is also on his dime, non?

But never mind that - YOU'RE BACK! Just in time for early sunrises and warm weather. Perfect.

Nancy Toby said...

Way to go, FAST GIRL!!!!!

Bex said...

Good news all around! Time to break out the bubbly. Or at least the chamomile tea. :-) And I want a PF Flyer ring. So cool.

Susan said...

CONGRATS! And I love the "starting over" approach. I think we ALL need to do thast every few months!

Danielle in Iowa said...

Gees, I have been running since April 22nd and I haven't put in 95 miles! You'll be back in no time!

peter said...

I am going to fine you $1 for every second you're under eleven minutes for your next mile on Saturday. We'll let this first FAST mile go because you obviously needed to feel the wind whip through your hair again after so much walking. Be careful though Jeanne and don't overdo it the first few weeks back.

PF Flyers were okay but in my high school we thought Converse sneakers were cool. "If your shoes slip and slide, get the shoes with the star in the side. Cons."

jeanne said...

Well Peter, that's because when you were in high, well, PF Flyers were cool in elementary school! HA!

LBTEPA said...

WOOT indeed! and boo-yah (have I got that right?
BTW I am very confused indeed by that video
but who cares, RUNNING JEANNE???

Just12Finish said...

Time to sign up for NYC Jeanne ... and get TEAM JEANNE to do so too!

Juls said...

I wonder what grade I was in? I think my Mom hid the PF Flyers from me because she had other things in mind. Like Buster browns oxfords and the like.

Congrats on getting to do a little running with your walking. I hope the transition back goes smoothly.

Thomas said...

Welcome back to the world of runners! You can stop being so nice to the walkers now. And toast that roller-blading lady, will ya?

Rae said...

YAY!!!!! You're back just in time for summer!! And now you're a rocketship!!

Welcome back!!

Neese said...

9:43!!??? you've been waiting to bust that out for a long time! way to go! so glad you are "back"!:)

Laurie said...

Yay! My happy running/doctor thoughts worked :)

9:43!!?! Holy crap! When did you become so speedy?! I am sure that felt fabulous. But SLOW DOWN! Ease back into this thing the right way. Running post-surgery is like running post-injury, you need to take it slow so that you don't mess things up. Listen to your highly paid coaches (hehe) and you will do very well.

Phoenix said...

You must have rocket fuel in your PF Flyers! So glad everything is looking up for you - it MUST have been the Pina Colada Clif Bloks.

I'm with Bex. I want that ring. Hmmm . . . what could I keep in the secret compartment?

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! It takes so much patience, and you've been great. I totally understand the desire to do a hard mile! Nice job! -A

Lara said...

Say, Race is kinda nice looking.

Good on all your Woots! As someone who always seems to be beginning at the beginning again, I can agree that the rediscovery process is awesome! Don't lament what you worry you've lost, bask in every step you reclaim.

WADDLER26.2 said...

Welcome back!!! And back with speed. Got to feel good!

Running Jayhawk said...

Looks like you better strike the "not" out of your blog name, lil' miss speed demon.

Way to go on the sub-10:00 mile. Youo're on FIRE!

Mark I. said...

I want those shoes AND the ring!!!

You're back in the running saddle, Jeanne. Great stuff!

And, "after they handed me my meds" killed me. hahahahahah!!!

David said...

Forget the marathons. You're a short distance girl. Speed workouts. Sprints. Tempo distances. Penn Relays. Olympic Trials. Stuff like that.

peter said...

So Jeanne, how did running your SLOW mile go on Saturday. BTW, coming home from my town's Mem Day 3K fun run this morning, I walked a fast mile to see what that felt like. It was exhausting! It took so much concentration to keep on track with the fast walking, because your mind wanders and you slow down. How did you do it 95 times?