Saturday, October 14, 2006

My Own Half Marathon

My highly unpaid coach agreed with my plan to swap today's 6-mile run for a 13-mile one, writing:

You can do 13 miles by yourself. Easy. Start thinking that way. 13 miles is a lark for you now. It's good that you're doing the last half downhill. (Note: I'll say.) Run negative splits for the last half, at marathon pace or even a little faster.

Well, I am very sorry to disappoint my coach and all of you. Because, in fact, I did none of my 13 miles at marathon pace. Not a single step. Nada.

That's because I would have had to slow down too much to run at marathon pace! Bwaahahahahaha!

Last night, I remembered the Phedippidations Worldwide Half-Marathon Challenge. Which was last Saturday. Officially. But registration was still available, so I signed up.

So this morning I ran 13.1 miles by myself, while listening to the special WorldWide Half Marathon edition of Phedippidations.

I got to the start of the Capital Crescent trail at 7 a.m. It was 37 degrees, crisp and clear. The mist rose off the Potomac as I started the long slow 6.5-mile climb from mile marker 10 to mile marker 3.5. There were a few others on the trail, including a fox, who stopped everyone dead in their tracks until he (she?) sauntered back into the woods. (A fox in D.C.? There's a joke in there somewhere.)

I felt strong. I banished all doubts. Unlike at last month's half marathon where my time was 2:38:00 (12:03/mile).

This morning? My time was: 2:23:16 (10:56/mile).



I'm not sure but I think the reason I had a good run today was because 1) I didn't get enough sleep, 2) I ate crap most of the week, and 3) apparently I can't run fast in a race or when I am actually running with other people.

But that's only a guess.


Anita said...

Let me get this right...the secret to a fast pace is
eat crap
get no sleep
and only sign up for races that have an entry limit of one.

Had I only known.

Running Chick said...

i think it was because it was a perfect day for a long run.

Bolder said...

or, missy, what kinda pace would you have run, if you:

ate well
rested well
let your preparation meet your opportunity on race day (or, group runs)

regardless, sub 11, booyah!

L*I*S*A said...


I love your theories on why you were a speed demon...I'll have to give it a try sometime.

David said...

I think it's all about proper training and good coaching. Well done.
So what did you wear in that weather? I need counsel.

Dori said...

Dang, girl, you're getting fast! Did you do that with no walking breaks? Well done.

Mark I. said...

Sweet. Nicely done, Jeanne. You're running strong. I feel great things are in store for your race days too. :)

LBTEPA said...

I am eating your dust! This marathon is YOURS.
BTW we have kg here, not stones. That's the UK, so it was a good try :P

Nancy said...

That is so awesome. Rock on! I am in the COlumbus half today and hope to come close to your great time!

a.maria said...

duh-aaaaamn woman! and you were worried. pfft.

sub 11/mile for the half? i've never sub-11'd on a race! you = my hero.

YOU ARE MY HERO. well done jeanne. major kudos to you, and ya know what??!!

you're gunna ROCK that marathon.

Waterfall said...

Woohoo! Congrats. Love the running advice! (I had the best run of my fledgling running career on Friday ... I think 30-degree temps and clear is the perfect weather for good runs!)

susie said...

Wasn't that a great podcast? Super run!!! are getting so speedy. I can't wait to run in with you:)

IrishBlue said...

You totally rock lady! Nice work.

JustJunebug said...

well holy cow! rock on!

thats just fabulous!

nancytoby said...

You're fast. WTH are those 10:18 miles doing in there? I'm impressed. You're going to rock that marathon course. You already rocked your own personal half!

TriBoomer said...

Good googly-moogly, girl! That is sweet!

Stay tuned...

Rae said...

Awesome job!!! Look at all those 10-splits!!

Thomas said...

I'll have to try your secret preparation for my marathon.

On second thought, maybe not.

Firefly's Running said...

WOW! You did awesome!!

21st Century Mom said...

That is so amazing! If you can do that in your marathon (start slow and then pick it up) you are so Golden! Your training has been so excellent for this race and it is almost here! I have great faith that you will have a very good marathon experience.

I hope that 'go on vacation and don't train at all' turns out to be another invaluable half marathon strategy 'cause that's what I've got going!

Wanna-be 5k-er said...

Those are some awesome splits, btw!!! You're a HMer!! Wow!!!!!!!!!