Monday, October 23, 2006

What Week Is It?


(I couldn't go in to marathon week with that last snarky post up there. Bad karma.)

The big RBF Meet Up is on for Friday night at the restaurant attached to the Spy Museum, paid for no doubt with your tax dollars (the museum, not the meet up). Finally Running Susie and her betrothed, David, will join us, as they are KEY in this race, people. KEY! Susie has promised to run me in the last four or five thousand miles. They will be cheering for the rest of us.

So, T minus FIVE. How are we all feeling?

Bex (She's GOOD!)
David (He's EXCELLENT!)
Michelle (She's AWESOME!)
Rich (He's so READY!)
Steve Walker (The nicest CELEBRITY I know!)

and my training partner in crime, the Other Jen, along with my good friend, Bob, who are both, sadly, blog-less.

The Other Jen is feeling AMAZING! And Bob is gonna kick this marathon's ass!

Who am I missing? Oh yeah: ME! (Jeanne's feeling ... well ... um ... yeah ... I'm TRYING to get my game face on! I'm sure it will come. Right? RIGHT?)

Well enough about that, what have I been up to, you ask? Well, last week I had the killer headache, which enforced my taper. I did four slow miles on Wednesday, five less slow ones on Thursday, and then 10 on Saturday in lieu of the three that my group was doing, allowing me to feel morally superior. Which is probably why God decided I needed a smackdown and gave me lead legs for my last run. I still finished faster than any 10 mile run I've ever done with DCFIT, in 1:57, with a new blister to boot. Curiously, it did nothing to reassure me.

Other Ways I Am Getting Ready

1. Speaking of blisters, I went to the podiatrist today, and told him I could not take one more blister, not for 26.2 miles and begged him to fix my orthotics. Again..

2. With the help of the amazingly talented and speedy Running Chick, I made myself a pace band.

3. I got me some peeps to run me across that big bad bridge at mile 20!

4. I bought a $20 overhead long-sleeve shirt thing-y to wear in case it's cold, windy and rainy. Which it will be tomorrow.

5. After much debate, I will be wearing the fuel belt, even if it does make me look like the pillsbury dough girl. I was just vain enough to consider not wearing it. What's a little dehydration in exchange for ONE decent photo? But Susie talked me down.

6. Still need to arrange morning of meet up place. I want to get there at 6 a.m. (starts at 8:45) and the Other Jen wants to get there at 7:30.

Can we hear a boo yah??

Right on!

Tomorrow: Jeanne gets her game face on! Or ELSE!

(Big congrats to everyone who did Chicago in not-so-great weather! And who managed to finish upright, unlike this poor guy who, incidentally, won. But, you are all winners!)


boatgirl said...

Thanks! I finished Chicago. Finished is the key word. You are so ready. Do well and ave fun.

jkrunning--Just Keep Running said...

I miss the MCM..I did it twice and would love to do it again.....Good luck.

a.maria said...


i miss running. this post makes me jealous.


you'll do awesome. game face is a GO!

rock it, woman. good decision on the fuel belt (although.. iv'e NOT worn a fuel belt for the exact same reason, so.. i feel ya on that one fer'shure!)

Mark I. said...

Kick ass and take names, Jeanne. :)

Bob said...

You will be great, now get that game face on. I am so rooting for you.

21st Century Mom said...

You sound like your game face is right > here < ready to bust out.

Your event sounds like a ton 'o fun and I so wish I could be there.

Remember your game plan and you will be golden! And don't forget copious quantities of body glide.

Waterfall said...

Boo yah, indeed! I'm a-rootin' for you--can't wait to read your MCM report!

Firefly's Running said...

Bring on the game face. You will do great!

Juls said...

Game Face. Get it on and go out there and RUN. Do it because YOU CAN.

JeffM said...

Game face- fuel belt- check. Have a great race.

Wanna-be 5k-er said...

Boo yah!!!!!!!

I can't wait to read how it went! This is your moment (sounds so corny, but it IS).

You're ready! Go get 'em!!!!!!!!!

David said...

I am excellent so long as we run on a flat course with temps in the high 60s like it's been here most of the time the last three weeks. If not, I am a shivering sloth who walks up hills.

Jon (was) in Michigan said...


It will be a glorious race, Jeanne. :)

(what the heck does booyah mean anyway?)

nancytoby said...

Booo YA!

What's an "overhead long-sleeve shirt"?? You need it on your torso, not over your head.


nancytoby said...

And don't forget, lots of Imodium and sodium. Those are the keys to success. :-)

susie said...

I give you permission to hurl at me whatever four letter words you find necessary from miles 20-26, if that gets you through. But I have a feeling they won't be necessary!! See you Friday

m said...

Good luck Jeanne! We were going to take a road trip down there to see my dh's old Marine buddy run, but he got hurt during training. I would of loved to see you cross the finish line.

WADDLER26.2 said...

Good Luck!!! I wish you a spectacular day. Enjoy the moment. I can't wait for your race report.

runnergirl said...

Good luck! You will do great!!

Lisa Goldstein/Kelly Kelly said...

Good luck! Sending you good vibes.


LBTEPA said...

You want booyah, mate, then booyah you shall have
Sending 'run strong' vibes and will be thinking of you on Sunday

David said...

Perhaps somebody thinks boo-yah is some sort of USMC shout out but it belongs to Stuart Scott of ESPN fame as a declaratory equivalent of "There you go!," Take that!," "How Ya Like Dem Apples?," etc.

Rae said...

YEAH FOR MARATHON WEEK!!!!! I am so excited for all of you guys!!! You are going to DO SO GREAT! Just don't trip at the finish line!!

(I always wear my Fuel Belt in a race. At my last one I saw a girl kind of point at me and snicker - guess what - I KICKED HER ASS and got 2nd and was the 27th chick out of 400+!! SO DRINK MY FUEL BELT!!!)