Thursday, September 07, 2006

I'm Famous!

Over at the Complete Running Network, some not-so-sharp editor has chosen to publish a rumination of mine on one of my favorite subjects: "Running Is Mental."

Whoo hooo!

In other news, last night's pace workout was another bomb. Maybe one day, probably long after this marathon, I'll get the hang of this. Last night I decided to run seven miles, 1 1/2 warm up, then 2 at pace, and then the rest as slow as I liked—just to take the pressure off—but trying for a consistent pace. Cuz, people, I have been off my game since mi hija absconded to Espana. That's my story anyway. That, or maybe running really is mental.

So, last night (Wednesday) I did this:
mile 1: 10:59
mile 1.5: 5:26
mile 2.5: 9:42 (pace!)
mile 3.5: 9:55 (pace!)
mile 4.5: 12:30
mile 5.5: 11:59
mile 6: 7:07 (that's a 14-min mile, people)
mile 7: 12:54

Tuesday I had 3 miles on the treadmill; after 30 minutes I was at 2.5 and I called it quits. $#!&^! Hardcore, my ass.

Saturday: 20-that's TWENTY-miles is on the sked. I'm feeling ... insecure.

I'll tell you one thing: My week off from work last week? Practically killed me. Once again, I've lost me mojo. :(



a.maria said...

welllllll... you DID run two sub-10 miles!!! thats impressive!

and then you sorta... dipped down to the 12 and 13 min/mile area.

so, split the difference, and if you ran, say 11min miles you could probably get in at least 6 in a row!

and thats half of a half-marathon!!!!

see? you're almost there!!!! ;)

at this point... its cake.

IrishBlue said...
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IrishBlue said...

Hang in there Jeanne! You'll get your mojo back.

BTW - thanks for visiting my new blog and for your words of encouragement!

Elizabeth said...

Stumbled across this blog a few weeks ago... I've been a faithful reader ever since.

I, too, have to run 20 miles on Saturday. And I am certainly feeling insecure about it!

Hang in there... you've done this whole marathon thing once before, you can definitely do it again!

And way to go on the sub-10's. That's awesome stuff!

KT said...

What a great post they put on Complete Running. Kudos, baby.

21st Century Mom said...

There's your problem right there - those 2 fast miles. I just discovered the other day (way post marathon, I might add) that going out fast tanks the rest of my run. So don't do that Saturday. GO.OUT.SLOW and I mean that. 12 - 12.5 min miles for at least the first 3. Then you can speed up some but do NOT do a sub 10 minute mile. Just focus on your footfalls and breathing and figure out what an 11 or 11.5 min mile feels like (after the first 3) and stick with that. My guess is that you will cover 20 before you know what hit you.

Mojo is fickle. It comes, it goes. Yours will return.

Donald said...

Wait - the editor - at Complete Running - um...isn't there something else you're not telling us?

I like the article.

Firefly's Running said...

Hang in there. You can do it!!

WADDLER26.2 said...

You'll get it back!! If you did have a few off days you wouldn't appreciate the good days as much. It will click at the right time.

Rae said...

Good luck on the 20 this weekend, you will do great because you are an awesome runner!!!

Anonymous said...

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Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Hang in there, Jeanne. Even famous people lose their mojo temporarily (look at Austin Powers), but training is up and down, you know? That's the point of it. So you will always have up weeks and you will always have down weeks. Just roll with it.

20 miles? You will be fine. Rest today. Sleep well tonight. Pasta tonight! Take Saturday easy, like a nice long run should be. Hey, doesn't the taper start the minute you are done with the 20? Whoohoo!

LBTEPA said...

I loved that article. You are a genius.
Run as though your mojo is still there and it will get all confused and creep shamefacedly back before you know it.

Lisa said...

Nah, you haven't lost your mojo. You'll get it back no problem.

David said...

Get your lazy slow sorry ass self-critical butt up off the couch, strap on some sneaks and get out there this weekend to pop 20 for us girl!
Geesh. What do we have to do? Come up there and drag you out? You have 8 weeks. The Marines want you. They need you. They want to see you hurtin' but lovin' it. Charge that hill or die tryin'.

Dori said...

You can do it! I'm with 21CM--the key to running long is to slow down. Congrats on the good work you're doing on the CRN.

neese said...

life will inevitably toss you down into a low wave... you're sweet daughter leaving and work issues alone can put your emotions in a funk... but you DO know full well that running will help so much physically and mentally you've come so far so you get out there and show that 20 miles what for!