Saturday, September 09, 2006

Give Me 20, Then Drop!

Sir yes sir!

But before I regale you with scenes from this morning's death march, err, run, let me share the words of wisdom our coach shared with us before we set out:

No one should be running more than two times per week. You'll just hurt yourself.
I don't want to hear about anyone running 16 miles in one week. There's just no need.
Man, I've been going about this marathon training all wrong.

Pair that with another coach's instructions on the group discussion board:
... Remember it is team work that will help you be successful in [this group]. There is no team in I.
I am glad to see that there is no team in I. Because that would make a really strange word.

Anyhoo, back in Rock Creek Park, our heroines, Jeanne and the Other Jen, ran a sllllooooow first 10 miles.

The moon was just setting over the Potomac. The temp was perfect. Birds were chirping. There were signs up warning about rabid racoons (no, really, there were). Soon after we hit the National Zoo at mile five, Rock Creek Parkway turns into Beach Road which is closed to cars on Saturday. Suhweet!

We hit mile 10 in two hours and 15-ish minutes. My stomach was unhappy, but I forced down gu and water. I got up close and personal with a lovely park bathroom.

It is now confirmed that the Other Jen likes speed. She took off on the way back, damn her. Of course, I had to keep up. There was no talking, cuz now we were running, people. No fooling around.

Miles 10-15: 53 minutes. At the 15-mile water stop we hung out for a few minutes while I tried (successfully) not to barf. I told the Other Jen that I'd be slowing down and she should go on without me. I was afraid of her.

But she let me set the pace, and we pulled off the last five miles in 1:08.

Total time: 4:40. Which according to that jackass McMillan, puts me right on track for a nice 6 hour and 12 minute marathon!!

But, we're not gonna worry about that. Because if you play with the numbers long enough, you get this:
10 miles out: 2:15
10 miles back: 2:01 (Don't ask me where the other minutes went.)

See? 'Tis all good.

What's not so good is the extensive chafing on my bod. In the most delicate of places.

So now, I think I'll go drop.


Elizabeth said...

hooray!!!! i was thinking of you this morning, hoping that your run was going well! we, too, finished our 20 successfully. haven't posted details yet... but kudos to you. sorry to hear about the whole 'up close and personal' experience w/ a bathroom. been there. done that. not fun! great work!

Anapico said...

You ran 20 miles today? I am so in awe. Go you!

Anonymous said...

I like that you do the math for me on these runs. You're so mathy.

But ha! *You're* the speed demon. You know it, I know it. All the runners eating your dust know it. I lost a toenail and about 5 billion brain cells just trying to keep up with you. Which is why you have to do the math for me, now and forevermore.

L*I*S*A said...

WAY TO GET 'ER DONE!! I'm so impressed.

And, as for McMillan, I say the hell with him/them. ;)

As for the chafing, gotta love that Body Glide.

Awesome run, girl!!!

Anita said...

Absolutely fantastic! 20 miles in 4:16. I'm doing a solo wave in your honor! And upclose and personal in any public bathroom is never pretty. Ugh.

Unknown said...

Nice timing. You will do fine. Take an ice bath and relax now.

Rae said...

Great job!!!! You are going to rock MCM. I just love your run reports.

Your group kinda scares me though. Only 2 runs per week??? While marathon training??? 16 miles per week?? I think I ran more than that my last week of taper before a marathon!

Keep up the great running, I can't wait til race day!

Bolder said...

well done on the 20.

i like your coach.

he has endurance in his future.

Rhea said...

Your coach is a dumbass.


Susan said...

oh chafing is a bitch . . . it gets in between my stretch marks and makes me oh so pretty.

Great job on those runs!

Danielle in Iowa in Ireland said...

My friend won't let anyone borrow her Body Glide, even in an extreme fix (which IMHO is the only time you should be borrowing Body Glide anyways), because of all the odd delicate places she puts it (believe me, we don't even bother asking her, even though she carries it with her when she runs).

21st Century Mom said...

You need to ask your coach what he smokes for breakfast - really.

As for the time -you did great! Let me remind you of one of 21CM's rules of marathon running:

Just to prove it -I ran my last 20 miler in 3:53 and I ran my marathon in 5:36 wanting to puke and call a cab for the entire 2nd half. If you manage your nutrition better than I did I'd say you are on for a great marathon.

Anonymous said...

Take a break and get away from it all. Take a Alaskan Glacier Cruise to rid the stress!

Laurie said...

Great job on the 20 miler. Funny how your coach says not to run more than 16 miles in one week but is making you run 20 miles in one outing. What an idiot! Glad you have experience and know better than that. I just hope there aren't any newbies in your group who believe his crap.

Rhea said...

Hey there Jeanne,

Probably should email this to you, but in a rush right now - I'll reply to your email in depth once I file my IP story - I'm writing it today b/c deadline's tomorrow morning.... BTW, good for you for completing the 20 miles. That is no small feat.

IronWaddler said...

Great job on the 20! Very inpressive. You will be so ready for MCM. I'm not sure about your coach-sounds likes a recipe for an injury.

David said...

You just might make it as a marathoner there young lady. Nice work on the 20. It's my turn next week.

susie said...

I can't even imagine in my dreams. Good for you!!

Irish Blue said...

Way to go on the 20 miler. Wow, that's awesome! I hope I get there someday.

What's with the coaches??

a.maria said...


there is no team in i.

how profound.

Anne said...

What the heck kind of coaching are you getting?!

LBTEPA said...

20 miles - strewth. You are a running legend. Your coach is an idiot though. Hope you're not paying much.

Violet said...

You so funny Girlie...

20 miles...I'm in awe. I too have chafed the sensitive spots...there's no cure so don't look for one. Buy stock in'll strike it rich:)

Well done my friend.


Phil said...

What does McMillian know? You just ran 20 miles with a reverse split. Not too shabby!

Thanks for your comment on Robin's Blog.

Good luck with your training. Sounds like you're doing great.

Thomas said...

Woah. I can hosestly say I've never been running for so long in my entire life. I'm really impressed.

Well, you've got the run behind you, and the body will adapt. Next time you try such a run, it will be much easier. Believe me, I've been there.

Btw, what kind of coach is that? Sprinting coach or triple jump?

A Deal Or No Deal said...

That's a lot of running. That's almost as much running as I did all week.

Meg said...

20k is unfathomable to me, let alone 20m. Sheesh, you are roaring.
btw- did I meat a friend of yours this weekend at podcamp? A beginner olympic distance triathlete called Craig? If so, we had a nice chat.

Anonymous said...

Twenty. miles.


Anonymous said...

I do hate the chaffing thing. I have scars to prove it. And every time I "forget" to lube up, I remember in the shower as the water sends me through the roof. Congratulations on your HUGE accomplishment. Forget McMillan.

Mmem said...

What a crazy long run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!

Hope the tummy is better, and the chaffing too, and WTG on such an accomplishment!

m said...

You are so damn funny!

So I should only run 2x a week. I like that program. I think you are going to have PR on the MCorp marathon.

Waterfall said...

I just built up to 20 miles per week. Way to go, to run 'em in a day!

Black Knight said...

May I join the group to run in such beautiful places?

Sherri said...

geez, jeanne, you're a friggin' studdess! good stuff!

Sherri said...

i can't decide which is most impressive...your mileage or your writing!