Thursday, August 17, 2006

Oh, How the Mighty Tumble

Thanks for all the kudos, people. My high lasted oh, til around 7 p.m. last night. That's four whole days!!

Last night was a pace workout. One mile warmup, two miles at 10K (10:30ish) or faster pace, one mile easy, two more fast miles, one mile cooldown. Something like that.

So off I tottered.

In my new shoes.

Same make, Nike Pegasus, new model. Salesperson said: "Make sure you wear these around the house before you run in them."

Bah! What do salespeople know?

Around mile 2, I could feel a blister developing. In yet another place on my foot. I got one on Sunday but ran right through it, no problem. Last night's? Was like the bottom of my foot was on fire.

But wait! That's not all!

Somewhere around mile 1, my side started hurting. I thought it was a side stitch, so I did the breathing thing and ran thru it. Eventually it dawned on me: this was so not a side stitch. This was ... like a cracked rib! Or maybe a muscle pull.

Of course, a little pain and misery are to be expected on a pace run. So, I pushed through all of it, and did this:

11:01 (warm up)
9:53 (way faster than pace!)
10:08 (ditto!)
11:50 (easy mile)
10:30 (pace)
11:33 (supposed to be pace; not)
13:48 (cooooool down)

Limped back to office. Realized this side/back/front thing was really hurting. What is this?? I can't even google it. It has no name. But it woke me up several times during the night. I used a heating pad and ice. And ibuprofen.

So, I have an emergency foot doctor appointment today for the blister, because I am so sick of blisters! And because I have this little 18-miler coming up on Saturday. Which the resident office jock just told me I'd be "stupid" to attempt.


I didn't run this morning. I'm supposed to do Bikram tonight, but am debating the wisdom of that move. If this is a muscle pull, I'm afraid I'll do more damage by trying to stretch it, cuz RICE, right? Right now it hurts if I breathe in or out deeply. Or at all, actually. If I lean forwards or to the right, or try to stand up, ouchie.

I'm good if I sit still.

So, your thoughts? I can't see a sports doc this week. And I really think that would be a waste of time since I'm pretty sure it's a pull.

So, try the 18 miles? Go to Bikram tonight?

Cast your vote here.


KT said...

I'd say go to Bikram and take it easy. The heat might relax the muscle and make it better, right?

Black Knight said...

I agree with kt. The 18 miles are unappropriated now better you check the situation before the long run.

aaron (air-run) said...

Jeanne, after reading the afformentioned, I am emailing Dr. Miller to stop by and give you some advice!

Dr. Lee Miller said...

Do not use heat if the area is acutely injured because we want to control inflammation over the first few days. Ice and ASA or ibuprofen are appropriate. I agree it is likely a muscle injury, but a costal cartilage or bone injury is also possible. I'd get it checked out so you can at least have an appropriate timeline for recovery. As for an 18 miler? Not really a good idea until you have all the problems nailed down.

21st Century Mom said...

Dr. Miller has spoken. Obey!

ps - sorry.. what a bummer.
pps - congrats on that 9:53 - smokin'!

Flatman said...

Do what feels best... good luck!

WADDLER26.2 said...

Take it easy! Better a some time to recover and get to the starting line than take a chance of not getting there at all.

Anita said...

Once you've had a doctor's advice, a shot in the dark from a novice would be worth about nothing. Just passing along a "so sorry" about the injury but kudos on your pace workout!

As to the shoe salesperson's advice to break them in around the house before running in them.....oh heck, just because that's the standard advice given by every experienced athlete, trainer, or knowledgeable salesperson, that doesn't mean it really applies to you. Don't forget, you're special Jeanne :)

susie said...

Yay for Dr. Miller.
Great job on the run--again. I wish I had advice on the blisters. You do seem plagued by them. All I can do is send good wishes all around for ailment improvements.

Haight said...

Doc Miller trumps all other advice...

Jank said...

Have you tried different socks? (I'm sure you have, but what else can I say?)

Sue said...

Great Blog.

Probably best to get the ribs checked out.... need to think long term.

Juls said...

Blisters? Again?


Perhaps you should have worn them around a bit longer?

Bex said...

You know what I think. How'd the bike go tonight? This too shall pass.

Rae said...

I used to have massive problems with blisters, but changing to Mizunos really helped me. My foot is smaller than average (my mom has a narrow foot), so most other shoes just have too much room in the toe box so my foot was curling causing the blisters. I wore shoe inserts for a while and that helped, too. Personally, I'd go ahead and do the long run, but I'm kinda out there like that!! I drained blisters one night before a 23 miler and was fine, I just kept extra Band Aid Blister-Care BandAids on hand. I also highly recommend the balgi socks, too! They seem to be a little thicker so that leaves my foot less room to slide about.