Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I Fought the Law ...

... and you can guess who won.

No, not that law.

The The Law of Specificity. Which explains why you can swim a good distance at reasonable pace, but have trouble running, while you, on the other hand, can run "...three miles with no problem, but get out of breath after a few laps [in the pool]."

This Washington Post article explains it all:
When you practice a certain activity repeatedly, two key things happen: The primary muscles used in that task become more efficient at recruiting and using oxygen for the activity and (assuming your form progresses with practice) your mechanics often improve to the point where you are exerting less effort per stride, stroke, kick, racquet swing, mosquito slap, etc.
Foiled again.

There's more. Read and learn.


In other news, you all know by now that the Complete Running Network has been re-incarnated, born again, and reinvigorated. Go, win a prize. Oh and don't forget to read all the cool posts while you are there. This site seriously rocks. (And, in the interest of full disclosure, it's entirely possible that I am in some small way connected with it. Blush.)


Flatman said...

Yes, thanks for helping to put together such an awesome collection of helpful stuff!!!!

boatgirl said...

found your blog and need to do some work now. :)

LBTEPA said...

so that's why triathletes are so smug - they can do everything :)
The new site is brilliant - well done you guys!

m said...

I used to be a pretty decent competitive swimmer for 10 years. When I started running I would try to swim on my off days. Figured "heck I'm in good shape" 20 minutes in the pool about killed me cardio wise. Then I went home and ate the entire house out. I'll stick with running for now.

David said...

Simplistically speaking, swimming is for Navy guys and gals. I am an Army guy. We march and run.