Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Bob beat me to it, reporting on his ridiculously low heart rate which he took while at his desk. After coffee and after annoying phone calls.

Well, here's one number I can beat. (Come on, let me be better at something. Please.)

My heart rate, taken last Wednesday at my doctor's office (way more official!) came in at ... 42 bpm !!! (Wait ... am I even alive??) Apparently, I am alive. I mentioned (read=bragged) about this to Number One Daughter's insanely in-shape-bound-for-the-Olympics bf, and he scoffed. "Not possible," said he. His heartrate isn't that low, how could mine possibly be??

Good question. I've always had low blood pressure. And even when out of shape, a low heart rate. But 42!!!

And the fun didn't stop there.

I've also apparently grown taller. At my last doctor's appointment, approximately two years ago, I checked in at 5'8 1/2". Which was maddening, since I've always been 5'9". My whole life. I'm not ready to start shrinking yet.

But last week? I was 5'9 1/4"!!! I get to weigh more now!! I mean: I get to not have osteoporosis!!

I totally attribute my restored height to evil Bikram yoga.

And while we're on the subject of numbers: my watch died. My favorite Ironman Triathlon Timex watch, with it's ITS antiquated functions of keeping track of splits and timing and cool stuff. It's officially a goner.

Which meant, on yesterday's six-mile run, I had no idea how fast/slow I was going. So, I just made something up for my running log. Something conservative. Very conservative.

Tonight's track workout is in grave jeopardy if I don't find a way to get a watch. Which would be a dirty shame, since the "realfeel" temp will be (here's another number): 101 degrees F.

I'm very upset about missing a track workout. Very. Upset.



Wanna-be 5k-er said...

First off, what a heartrate. You are in shape, girl! Olympics-schmolympics, YOU are a model of fitness! I also have low bp and they always ask "Are you a distance runner?" when I give blood, lol because I am so NOT. But not 42 bmp, definitely not that low!

101 that's the temp here, too. I am not sorry to not go out in that. It is horrible out there. I hope folks are ok in this heat!

Cheers back to you:-)

Wanna-be 5k-er said...

PS, I have the same old watch and it's getting eccentric in its old age. Must go get another soon, too! GL with the watch!

Firefly's Running said...

So sorry about the watch and heat. Hang in there. Relief is in sight.

Dori said...

Apparently you are getting better with age! That's an amazingly low heart rate. How do you get your heart rate checked? My doc only takes my blood pressure.

Try to contain your disappointment about missing a track workout in 101F. :-)

jeanne said...

Dori: I asked them to take it! Yeah, really bummer about the track. :)

Anita said...

Quite the impressive heart rate, especially given that if it was much lower you'd be talking about my waist measurement!

So spring for a Garmin already's just too much fun!

21st Century Mom said...

I had one of those watches and I loved it! It got up an walked away one day (possibly with some help from my son). I do miss it.

The good news is that you now have an excuse to get an updated model. Just do it! With a heartrate like that you deserve a watch - or something.

tsk tsk on that track workout. Repeat 800s at 101 degrees would have been such a blast!

Bob said...

Holy smokes that is amazing. Since I posted that I was reminded by Zeke that a nice HR does not make me faster. What a party pooper. Yours however rocks. BTW I just checked mine again now 48 are so kicking my ass. :)

angie's pink fuzzy said...

nice numbers! my hr was 72 after getting up from my computer chair and walked over to my watch to time it. now I'm intrigued.

Donald said...

Being a science guy at heart, I'd say those height measurements are all within the same margin of error - the variability probably says more about the people taking the measurements than the person being measured. There's a whole theory of inter-rater reliability at play, which, um...actually is somewhat boring. I'll stop here.

Bolder said...

life starts at 42

Sherri said...

jeanne, you also beat our president! vital statistics from his recent physical lists his resting heart rate at 46 bpm.

and now i want to take a bikram class....promise it'll make me taller!?

David said...

The lowest I can get my down to is 53 so you beat me.
As for skipping the speedwork... NO! get out there.

Running by.... said...

Wow...That is a amazing HR. Mine's always been high--Having checked it since I've been running. I think I'll find out next Drs. Appt.

No sense doing track workout in that heat. Doing it in mild weather is hard enough.

jeanne said...

running by: you tell david!! that maniac! :)

Thomas said...

Maybe you're born to run after all, with that big heart of yours.

You can still do a track-like workout even without a track or a watch. Just run by feel. It won't be as exact as with the watch, and you don't get pace feedback, but it's the effect on your body that counts; numbers are not important.

Iron Pol said...

My doctors don't freak about my heart rate. They freak at my blood pressure. I've actually had nurses get entire new pressure cuffs, believing their's must be out of whack.

That's an amazingly low heart rate, though. It must make training a breeze. I'm at 68 bpm typing this note.

neese said...

jeanne those are impressive numbers, it's moments like those you're reminded why running is so beneficial...even if sometimes it feels like it's hurting you.

keep on keepin on!

Juls said...

WOW! I guess that you showed "one daughter'"

backofpack said...

Jeanne, thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. My oldest son is 19, which probably explains why we both know the book.

Now you guys have got me curious about my resting hr. I know before I was wheeled into surgery in April it was 50. I'll have to check it out at home.

Jess said...

My resting HR is usually in the low 60s, or high 50s, but 42?! Is that something they can start putting on a driver's license? I would love it if a cop pulled me over, looked at that and thought to himself, "Wow, she's got a low resting HR" instead of: "Hmmm, why do people keep lying about their weight?"