Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Take Your Skirt Off, Cancel Your Manicure, and HTFU

Not only am I not running, I am also not swimming, and not biking.

I am, however, doing copious amounts of dips:

and when I say "copious," I mean, well, 10. OK, 15, now up to 20.


It's cold outside.

I quit my gym.

I have a bike trainer, but it's broken.

My favorite running trail looks like this most days:

and my other favorite trail looks like this:

How did I manage in prior years?? Did I just HTFU?

As to swimming ... um, I have no excuse as to why I'm not swimming.

After my sad half-mary, I took 14 days off to recover. I am quite sure this is not a recommended recovery plan.

But just yesterday, I kicked my own ass and ran 3 miles, after 21st C. Mom strongly suggested it. Which is good, because, let's not forget, I have yet another half-mary scheduled for Jan. 30 in the great state of Runner Susan.

And not only that, did I mention that in all the commotion of last fall, somehow, someway I managed to sign up for this??

Eagleman Half-Ironman. 1.2 miles of swimming fun, 56 miles of biking fun (that part might actually BE fun) and 13.1 miles of running fun)

Which is June 30 (165 short days from today).

I'm just not into it.

I mean really. Not. Into. It.

I want to take up knitting. Or reading. Or baking. Needlepoint! Raising orchids. Raising guppies. Something that doesn't require, you know, sweating.

This is how I'm feeling at the moment.

My current ennui might be in part due to the fact that I'm not training with anyone. I'm not in any group. I've been training alone since September. It turns out? That is not so much fun.

So, I've once again signed up for the Montgomery County Road Runners Speed Development Program. That was a great motivator last year, even though it wasn't the most welcoming group of people. It still got me all kinds of PRs. So hope springs eternal.

And I'm trying to decide what to do about training for this insane 70.3 distance.

I adore D.C. Tri Club, as you know. And they even have a half-iron training program. But...really, there's no one who is at my speed in that group. And that gets discouraging after a while. There's another, way pricier group here in D.C., Team Z, that has a lot of success with folks like me. (I'm not sure why, but some people seem hesitant to recommend these guys, even though everyone I know who has trained with them just LOVES them.) It's about $80/month, and I'm quite sure they will help me get the job done.

So why am I hesitating??

Because I am not all in for Eagleman.

I'm just not.

I'm wavering.

I could still cancel.

I don't even know if I'd get my money back.

I just don't know if I can commit to the kind of training I'll need to do.

I need a bike trainer that works.

I need to feel more comfortable riding outside on my own.

I need to get better at swimming.

Right...but why am I hesitating??

What to do??


21stCenturyMom said...

Hmmm... I got you going once and I'm wondering if I could do it twice.

So - you know your "peeps"? The ones you met in the newbie program? Are any of them signed up for Eagleman? If not, get someone to sign up! And even if they are not signed up for that, make sure they are signed up for something and then recruit them to train with you. That's what I have done with my tri club. I've found people who will tolerate me (because they like my company, I guess) and we train together. Win/win!

So try that. Round up your Tri-buds and get THEM on YOUR program. Great stuff!

greyhound said...

I think even I am contemplating needlepoint right now.

sarah said...


If that company mascot doesn't scare you into running, swimming, jumping tall buildings and dangerously dipping between chairs, nothing will help you :)

jeanne said...

that's brilliant sarah!

Lesser is More said...

Its definitely the weather getting you down. We just need a break of this stuff. HTFU or not, its frickin cold out there! You'll get through it and the itch will come back once the weather begins cooperating again.

The good news is that each day is longer than the previous, which means more opportunity to workout.

LBTEPA said...

I think you are scared of the Failure Monster. I have no answers or "shoulds" for you though! When's the last day you can get a refund of any kind? Find that out and you can train for it but pretend you're not, if that makes sense

Petraruns said...

I think you need to tattoo JFDI on your knuckles.

Do it.

Get all your techie stuff fixed. Don't think about it, just do it (read Penelope Tree on New Year's resolutions). Pledge to go to the pool once a week. Decide whether you are a) going to make friends join you in training or b) join the expensive group. Think about it for 10 minutes (enough to phone 1 person and recruit them) and then Go! Go! Go! Go!

Of course it's an awful lot easier for me to say this sitting on my *ss behind my laptop with a coffee than actually doing it. But you can kick me when I need it.

Petraruns said...

Incidentally. Who is that guy and why are you letting him wreck your chairs? Make him take a shower as well.

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Ditto on the weather bringing you down. When its dark all the time, its hard to not want to curl up in a ball on the sofa and hide. I think its some genetic thing that makes us want to hibernate. How's the lighting in your life during the day?

Lindsey said...

I have more bad news. Eagleman is June 13, not June 30.
Anyway, you know a BUNCH of people doing Eagleman and even if there's no one at your pace during the swim/bike/run, there's people at the start and the finish. Use the anticipation of good food and fun times afterwards, regardless of pace, to get you through. I miss you Jeanne! You never fail to inspire me. You can do this!

Kelly said...

Raising orchids? That sounds doable.

I think you and I are in the same boat. Why is it that when we feel the most unmotivated that we sign up for the hardest races? I've decided to do my first olympic distance this year, and possibly a half marathon.

Either way, June is a LONG way away. You only need to hard-core train for like 8-10 weeks, which isn't too bad. You can totally do it!

Catharine said...

At least the dips you're doing aren't of the chip and dip variety!

You know I want you to join Team Z. It won't make it any warmer outside, but it will help you get motivated. And Coach Ed can design a training plan for you.

And who are these people who hestitate to recommend the team? If they haven't trained with us, how do they know? It must be that silly DC Tri/Team Z rivalry which I've yet to figure out. The two are not alike and are not in competition. Heck, two DC tri board members are on the team.... plus your buddies Ryan, Zina, and me.

Maryland Girl aka Michelle said...

I knit! LOL I am here for any bike ride or run you want to do!

Anne said...

I remember "watching" as you slammed down one tri after another during your first season of triathlons. I'm so excited to see you really ramp it up this year for the half Ironman. Good for you!

David said...

Well if you had time and inclination I'd say come to sunny (but nippy) Florida for a weather break and invigoration.

What's keeping you from fixing the trainer?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeanne,
You motivated me so much during NTP; I wish there was something I could do for you! But you've identified the problems, so all you have to do is fix them. I have also started a running group once each week, since it helps me to know that others are meeting as well. I can add you to the distro list if you are interested.

Trihardist said...

Hang in there. The mojo comes back. Believe me. I just re-found mine.

And watch the dips. They can screw up your shoulders. Find a high-intensity yoga podcast instead. Build strength that way. Safer for the anterior capsule of your shoulders.

Zina said...

1. I highly recommend Team Z. Especially for BOPers.
2. Raising orchids is harder than a half ironman. They are so temperamental.
3. 14 days off after a half mary is totally reasonable. Rule of thumb is one day per mile.

Stop being so damn hard on yourself!

Oh and call me to run once these gale force winds are done.

Susan said...

Hmmm... I feel ya! I have practically signed up for marathon #4 and have yet to set foot in my running shoes...

Phoenix said...

A few thoughts from a long absent fan . . .

OK - so you signed up for the Half IM (AWESOME!!!!!) so, that says to me that you really want to do it. Otherwise, why would you have shelled out the dough and committed? You want to you just don't want to bust your tookus on the ice or go swim when its 700 below outside. I hear ya, seriously.

But, if the deeper, intuitive you really wants to do this, who is this self-sabatoging concious you to get in her way?

You can do it. You're already a badass you just have to let yourself admit it.

Peace, love and training.

Runner Susan said...

Jeannnnnnneeee, i'm behind on my blog reading. but is that the bf? hey, i need some lessons. i haven't run in forever, i've gained a million pounds and we have a half coming up . . . can we be friends? can't wait to see you and deidre!

Judi said...

how is it going with the clonapin? have not heard from you!!

jeanne, go for it. you always seem to do well w/ a goal in mind.

peter said...

You located the famous Pogp cartoon & saying, one of my faves. Are you listening, Tea Party folks? Anyway, you just showed my age (but how did you know about this famous piece of Americanism?)

Fe-lady said...

I would SO be on that trail, slipping and sliding around-
our weather here is SO boring!
Do something different.
Weights? Yoga? Pilates? All great off-season stuff.

I never understood the "group" thing, so can't help you there-I guess that's the reason I would be out on the cold an d snowy trail, because hardly anyone else would be.

(You KNOW how great you feel when you get finished with a workout...get back into it....do it for the pure JOY of being able to....)
You are just going to be mad at yourself later if you don't....

Karlaj said...

HIM isn't easy--and never was. That's what makes it worth it.

I've got two people two train with you, living nearby.

Fix/replace the trainer. It'll get you doing 20-30 min here and there.

If TeamZ improves the odds of getting you to your goal, then go for it!

And it's about time you had an off season. Take a week or two while it's cold, regroup, then... One. Day. At. A. Time.

ShirleyPerly said...

Sounds like you're just in a funk. That terrible cold weather would do it for me for sure. But it's only temporary. If you haven't already decided, I vote for doing Eagleman and getting back to training with the DC tri club or that other Team Z group you mentioned. Life is all about taking risks, right?

Happy New Year to you!!

Vickie said...

Jeanne, if you need a good half IM training program--one that is geared toward your level--let me know. I managed to do it, so can you. Sometimes I think we sign up for this stuff not necessarily to see if we can do this or prove we can do this, but because we feel somehow its expected, that its the natural progression in the running or triathlon world. But if you find a good training program, one that you look at and decide "I can do the training at least" (that's how I finally got to IM level), then it will keep you occupied with training and you won't have much other time for doubts.