Friday, August 28, 2009

Weekend in Review

First, let me share my Major Award from the North East Olympic Triathlon:

It seems to have an inner radiance, non?

They don't just hand these things out like candy, people! (Well, they kind of do...)

Anyway, we can all revel in this high point of my life so far.

But wait!

I followed up that stunning victory with the final D.C. Tri Training Tri last Saturday.

I am pleased to report that our long national nightmare is finally over.

Progress. Has. Been. Made.

August 22, 2009July 12, 2009July 13, 2008
swim 400 yards10:47 (2:42/100m)
10:34 (2:39/100m)11:11 (2:48/100m)
t13:50 4:053:47
bike 16.8 miles1:02:38
(*16.09 mph*!!!)
(15.52 mph)
(15.54 mph)
t2 1:291:321:24
run 5k36:17
(11:40 min/mile)
(12:27 min/mile)
(11:53 min/mile)

I have finally broken out into 16 mph on the bike.

I'm a 16 mph-er!

Of course, to achieve progress on the bike, I (apparently) had to give up a little on the swim. Sigh.

And no walking during my blazing fast run, either, of which I am damn good and proud.

Afterwards, as usual, we all gathered for post-barbecue and other goodies at the picnic area on Haine's Point. I was feeling good!

Right up until I passed out.

I had just introduced myself to Alejandro, and he was in the middle of answering some fascinating question I had tossed his way, when all of a sudden: Who turned out the lights??

Everything went dark. I knew I was about to faint, since that was a favorite pasttime of mine during high school. I quickly sat down and put my head between my legs and proceeded to sweat to death. I wasn't feeling so great. I asked Jason if people would think it was weird if I laid down on the ground, and I don't remember what he said, not that it mattered. Quick-thinking Jason put his first-aid skills to use by making me eat a bag of chips, stat. Thanks, man!

I am prone to low blood pressure, so that's what I think it was. I had a Gu and HEED during the race, so I don't think it was low blood sugar.

Always the drama queen...

Everything was fine after that.

So fine, in fact, that I came home and ate everything in sight, and then got ready to take my friend John up to my 'hood, Skyline Drive (part of the Shenandoah National Park), at o-dark thirty Sunday morning:

Photos courtesy Tammy, who we happened to meet on this overlook.

John is a trooper!

Elevation. I love this ride. It's haaaard.

This time the only wildlife I saw was a turtle crossing the street, and some squirrels. I am getting better at going downhill, too. I no longer spend the entire time contemplating death by bike.

A beautiful, peaceful day in the mountains. Toss me some chocolate milk at the end, and I'm GOOD.

Oh, and I made another pie after I came home (technically? A cobbler.) Blackberries and peaches.



Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Wow! That's a seriously nice piece of hardware, Jeanne. Nice job! Put that baby up on the mantel.

And did you have to ruin an otherwise polite and courteous post by putting up a picture of pie? Why would you do that? To me? I have the same old yucky lunch today and you show pictures of yummy blackberry peach cobble. You suck.

Maryland Girl aka Michelle said...

The award does have an inner radiance! Way to go! Nice work on the training tri and way to up the speed on the bike!
Nice PIE!

Trihardist said...

That's a nice piece of hardware for an age-group win! You need to display that prominently.

Congrats on joining the 16 MPHers!

21stCenturyMom said...

Nice hardware!!

And sacrificing seconds on the swim to gain minutes on the bike is a very good trade off! I never 'race' the swim. It just isn't worth the fatigue.

And that ride is great! You SO need to come west mit bike so we can climb Diablo. You're ready!

Kelly said...

That is one SWEET trophey! I'm jealous.

Congrats on the 16 mph biking. I just hit that new number at my last race. Yay for us!

Lesser is More said...

Well with all the mountain climbing you've been doing lately, its no wonder you hit 16 mph! You've spent a good amount of time working on the bike this year and it is definitely showing. Congrats!

Anne said...

That's some impressive hardware. And if you were riding on the Skyline Drive -- at 16 mph, no less! -- then you must have super-strong legs. Or is that just in triathlons?

Anonymous said...

OMG, you fainted?! It was humid... let's work on your electrolyte intake as well as carbs, etc. Get some salt tabs!

And, congrats on hitting 16mph! double congrats on knocking out the run without walking!!! You are gonna be great at Nations (and at EM)!

You are a rockstar, Mean Jeanne!


eileen said...

You're unbelievable. An olympic tri trophy to a girl who was on crutches and preparing for back surgery 6 years ago. God bless you and your teenage knees!

David said...

How do you do it?

Stand out like a champion.

Drop like a rock.

John's looking awfully friendly up there in the thin air.....

ShirleyPerly said...

What a nice looking award! And congrats too on the training tri. Obvious that your hard work is pay off. And that cobbler looks YUMMY!!

Susan said...

Jeanne, you award-winning passer-outer baker!

I'm glad all is well, speedy. You inspire me every day.

peter said...

Ohh, that award, I want one! I wrote a post a coupla years ago about how my sister, who doesn't run, won an AG Award in a 5K she ran while I did a HM in the same race, and it elicited five of the seven deadly sins in me, in no particular order: Lust, Greed, Wrath, Envy, and Pride. What are the last tow, you ask? Well, you'll just have to Google them yourself. (Oh, all right! Do I have to do everything? Gluttony & Sloth. These two don't seem to fit with ANY running program.)

a.maria said...

damn woman!! nice job!!!
now lets sign up for the austin half marathon in january. :) mwah ha ha ha.

Jack said...

Nice looking hardware, you rock! Of course if I was given a choice I personally would take the pie.

I also have problems with low blood pressure, I had one of those moments a couple weeks back after a really hot 15 mile run - luckily I was with my running club and someone had a sport bar that squared me away.

Vickie said...

Jeanne, congrats on your award, your accomplishments, and your progress. I have gotten terribly behind on blog reading this summer so its good to see what everyone is up to. Great pictures and what an amazing pie/cobbler!

Sunshine said...

Oh yes! VERY nice award.

mrsprice810 said...

Congratulations! I only think about triathlons, never actually doing them.

Rainmaker said...

Wow, I think you're stalking me:

1) You're downing chocolate milk
2) You're up on Skyline (again!)
3) You're baking all sorts of goodness.
4) Just cause.

Sweet job on breaking the 16MPH barrier. Woot!

Danielle in Iowa said...

I'm behind on blog reading, but I wanted to say that that is some awesome bling! When I have won trophies, they are pretty lame looking. Not that I don't display them anyway...