Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Are Goals Just Wishes in Disguise?

After much hemming and hawing and interviewing a few highly-priced people, I finally signed up with a coach.

No, not that kind of a coach, a lifecoach.

Cuz I'm turning 52 next month and there are a few things I'd still like to accomplish (such as deciding what I want to be when I grow up) in the next, oh 50 years or so, and I was having a hard time making a decision. ANY decision. About anything.

So enter the lifecoach. I found one who offered a special online deal at a reasonable rate, and I decided to go for it.

This required a serious suspension of cynicism, along with the disabling of my ever present, ever ready b.s. meter.

Done, and done.

First thing this coach had us do (she's coaching a bunch of people, individually, but with the same assignments, if that makes sense) is brainstorm goals in all areas of our life: career, fun/creativity, fitness/health, relationships, home, personal/spiritual growth, money and self-care. And for each area, we had to pick one "thrilling" goal.

OK, this is all very familiar, no rocket science here. Still, I'm paying for it, so I'm doing it.

At the end week one, we were to winnow down our lists to the TOP TEN GOALS we wanted to achieve in 2009.

I wrote the coach for clarification: Were we to pick practical, actually achievable goals, or pie-in-the-sky goals? The answer came back:
If a magic genie popped out of a bottle and said:

"I'm here to instantly give you ten goals from your list. Which ones
do you really want the most?"

What would your answer be?
Cynical self suspended, CHECK!

So here ya go, my top ten thrilling goals for 2009!

1. Make $1 million dollars
2. Live overseas (uk) for part of the year.
3. Find my ideal neighborhood and move there.
4. Meet my soulmate.
5. Be at my ideal weight.
6. Become financially secure for life.
7. Write a book that makes the NYTimes bestseller list.
8. Run 9 min mile pace.
9. Get a degree from Oxford University.
10. Always look well-put together.

Of course, I could knock out #1 if #3 happened and he happened to be a millionaire. That could potentially take care of #6, too. Number 7? That's the big, never-actually-vocalized goal that I've probably been dreaming about since, oh, birth. Ditto for number 5. Number 10 I can manage most of the time already, so maybe I wasted a wish with that one. Number nine? Well she said dream BIG. Number nine could happen, and would knock out #2, and possibly #3!

See? It's all coming together!

I have a funny feeling, though, that there's going to be another assignment very soon, requiring, like, ACTION.

Whaddya think?


Rachel said...

I think that's great. You need goals so that you know where you are going in life. I did this and had a huge list but I whittled it done to one. Make money doing something I love.

Nora said...

You might want to wait on #2 until winter's over. Wait - winter's ETERNAL here! Yeah, come whenever, kettle's on!

That sounded so British of me, oh god, what is happening to me!

Nancy Toby said...

Change that 9-minute pace to an 8:xx. Or a 7:xx. Because both are fully possible this year, with the right speedwork. You're fully capable of those.

You'll do those LONG before you'll be "financially secure for life", I'm just sayin'.

Susan said...

That is quite a list, my friend! And I am pro-life-coach. Good for you! I can't wait to read about how it continues to unfold.

Jade Lady said...

I loved reading this post - if only there was a Genie! Or is your life coach going to tell you that you are that blue guy with the turban that flows in and out of that lamp?

Juls said...

Well...we are definitely going to be checking back to see how things are progressing. Nice list. I think I need a list like that too.

Kelly said...

Oooo... Oxford. I've been there and it's gorgeous. Good luck with your goals! :)

ShirleyPerly said...

This is TERRIFIC! 10-15 yrs ago my husband and I made the plan to retire early and move to Hawaii. These types of big goals do not happen overnight, and they still haven't happened, but we are getting closer and they will happen soon. I think the key is identifying goals, coming up with a plan to achieve them and then putting it into action. Very similar to training for a big race, actually, but on a much longer time scale.


Anne said...

The quote on my blog speaks to this post. "Goals are dreams with deadlines." I believe part of life-coaching will involve finding out why these goals are so important. That will winnow them down, for sure.

Judi said...

hi jeanne. i think that's awesome you have a life coach. i think your determination will get you what you want in life.


Itchy Bits said...

Sounds kind of interesting ..curious about the point of that list...seems pretty aggressive for one year! Keep us posted!

21stCenturyMom said...

Oh my - I just figured out a plan for my life without a coach but may need one to help me not lose faith in my ability to go for it.

Excellent goals. You know you can make 5 happen. It's boring and not easy but totally doable and synergistic with 8 which is also very do-able. I'm running about a 9:30 now so I have faith. I also would love to write a book but that probably takes more guts than any of the others.

So go for it! Can't wait to see what your coach has you do with this list.

Jack said...

Wow, that sounds interesting, keep us posted. If you acheive #1 then fly over here to Germany and we will work on #8 together!

p.s. Its refreshing to hear that I'm not the only one who has not decided what I want to do when I grow up. Of course my wife would say I don't need to worry, cause there is no danger of my EVER growing up :-O

Vickie said...

I think number 8 will happen.

Petraruns said...

Really really inspiring stuff.. I've been heading down a similar road recently turning to various self-help etc. figures despite the fact that I generally scorn the whole thing.

When you're stuck you've got to take a helping hand - the opposite of you! As for coming to the UK - let me know how you go with that! If you want to test the water you're always welcome to stay and see.

And re the weight? I'm back on Weightwatchers - I managed to lose 20kgs on it years ago and it changed my life. There's been a bit of slippage but overall I would highly recommend it. It works.

Keep it up and keep blogging about it - and well done for putting it all out there..

LBTEPA said...

If you had to pick one, which would it be?

Dori said...

When your book makes the NY Times Bestseller list, you will have your millions and become financially secure! Then you'll have a second home in the U.K., and live in your ideal neighborhood with your soul mate, whom you met while promoting your book. And because of the success of your book, you'll be given an honorary degree from Oxford. With your financial independence, you'll be able to focus on speed and the increased intensity will bring you to your ideal weight. Better write that damned book! :-)

Have you read The Secret? I think you may find it inspiring.