Friday, December 19, 2008

Party Animal

After my stunning victory in the Blue Gray Half-Marathon, I drove home on a total high, fueled by beer and french toast (an omen of things to come), even if it did hurt to press the gas pedal.

Later that day, Party Week began, beginning with
Sunday night and the oh-my-god-I've-never-been-in-a-mansion-before-party:
Me: Food! I just ran a half-marathon! I can eat anything I want!! Bring on the wine! OOOH COOKIES!

Monday morning: I am walking like Frankenstein. Have I ever run before? Really? I don't THINK so. Ouuuuch.

Monday night: It's farewell-to-bellringing-instructor-who-was-R.I.F.'d.(R.I.F.=LAID OFF, MADE REDUNDANT, SACKED)-Party:
Me: Hmmm. It's a potluck. Steak and oyster pie is the main course, along with green beans, and um, dip, and cookies and a pavlova! And wine! I just ran a half-marathon, plus, I'm not eating the main course, so bring on the desserts!

Tuesday morning: I think I'll skip spinning because um...I still can't walk. Hunt is on for a sports massage. Book one for Tuesday night.

Tuesday night: Hustle downtown for excellent sports massage. Get home late. Again. But less sore. Yes!

Wednesday morning: It's A MIRACLE, I CAN WALK!

Wednesday afternoon: Get e-mail from the Instigator, Sandy, "Are you going to the Christmas Light Run tonight?" Followed by increasingly insistent text messages. Result? I go!

Wednesday night: Drive home from work, change into running kit, scarf cheese and crackers, and drive to Metro to the annual (very fun) Christmas Light Run! Where I learn? That running=pain.

My peeps!

Wednesday late night: Do yoga poses and many stretches.

Thursday morning: Dear God, I. am. tired.

Thursday night: Official work Christmas party! Woot!!! Fifth night in a row that I will not be home.
Me: I just ran a half-marathon! I can eat anything I want! More wine! Cookies! Um...I don't feel so good....I may give birth. Owwwww. Need. Sleep. Immediately.

Sleep 12 hours straight.

Moral? Am now busy reading Skinny Bitch (I've got the bitch part's the other part I need to work on).

Meanwhile, run with me in the Fredericksburg Blue-Gray Half-Marathon (photos courtesy Susie):
Blue-Gray @3miles. This is CAKE!

Blue-Gray @6miles. Still cake! I am a ROCK STAR!

Blue-Gray @please let this end! 13 freaking miles

Heh. I so beat the clock.

First beer since 1979. Hey, I can't feel my legs!

Need. Massage. Now.


David said...

Well you are the busy little holiday party food-eatin' machine who just ran a half marathon.

Party on!

Sleep in the morning.

LBTEPA said...

Yeah yeah so you are hyperglycaemic and have gained 20kg in a week, but your hat matches your vest. It's our ability to acessorise that raises us above the lower animals

Lesser is More said...

We missed you at the CLR! We were out there and saw a ton of DCTri peeps though mostly at the bar after the run. Being the party animal that you are, I expected tequila shots after the CLR race. Now THAT would have helped make your legs feel much better.

Nancy Toby said...

Huh? WTF is RIF?

Judi said...

jeanne, i love your blog posts. you totally crack me up!

merry xmas!

Kelly said...

Wow... mile 13 just looks so sad and depressing and lonely.

But the photos look great (and sunny!). Congrats again!

peter said...

Imagine if you didn't run.

Susan said...

Please, please get your own show on Comedy Central! I would be the prez of the fan club!!!!!

I have heard good things about that book.

In the same vein, I have figured out my post-baby-body plan.

Juls said...

You are one funny gal.

Rainmaker said...

Ok, I'm slowly stating to catch up.

But I'm bummed I didn't get to make it to the X-mas lights run and catch up with ya!