Sunday, December 14, 2008

Much Happiness! Fredericksburg Blue Gray Half Marathon

Cliffs Notes Version: I did it, it was hard, my legs felt like blocks of ice when they didn't feel like jello, it was NOT too windy (except for miles 8 & 9 where there was a lovely headwind), Susie was at just about every mile taking my photo when she wasn't busy videotaping me (oy), my shoelace came undone at mile 13.001 but she wisely talked me out of stopping to tie it, Number One Daughter was at mile 10 and at the finish, I had half a beer at the end (first beer, I think, since 1979), my legs hurt like hell, I literally begged a masseuse for a leg massage after they had officially closed up shop, and got one, and: I finally broke the 2:30 barrier.

My Storied Half-Marathon History

5. Fredericksburg Blue Gray Half, Dec. 15, 2008 age 51
Unofficial results: 2:28:47 11:22 min/mile

2:28:43 11:21 min./mile (10/10 grrrrr) (am now officially qualified for the National Half OR Full Marathon)

4. National Half, March 29, 2008 age 51
2:31:57 11:36 min./mile (48/53)

3. Fredericksburg Blue Gray Half, Dec. 9, 2007 age 50
2:34:26 11:47/min (8/9)

2. Philadelphia Distance Run, September 16, 2007 age 50
2:38:06 12:04 min./mile (221/303)

1. Parks Half Marathon, September 24, 2006 age 49
2:38:15 12:05 min./mile (55/64)

Today's splits:
22:53 (miles 6 & 7)
14:45 (big-ass hill)


Kelly said...

Congrats! You did great! I think I would have given up and gone home after about 4 miles.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm speechless.

Molly said...

Congratulations! A new PR!!!! Great job!

Old School Runner said...

Well done! It's interesting to see how far you've progressed over time.

scmorgan said...

I had so much fun following you all over Fredericksburg!! I put the photos on Flickr, so you can see them there. And I'll send you a couple of videos right now:)
Congrats...You were amazing!!!

LBTEPA said...


Susan said...

Holy cow - you're better with age! Way to go, Jeanne! Look at all of those awesome splits! :)

Jank said...

Great run Jeanne.

The Devil's Dance Floor said...

I am new to your blog, and just wanted to tell you congrats on your half marathon! That is something I hope to do one day.

I hope you don't mind if I check back and keep reading what you write- maybe I'll get the motivation to take my running more seriously!

Lesser is More said...

Well done! This has really been YOUR week, huh? Big Winner!

21stCenturyMom said...

Like I always say - getting better beats the ever living crap out of getting older. Well done, my friend - well done!

Thomas said...

If you get half a beer after a half marathon, does that mean you'll get an entire one after your full marathon?

Congratulations on breaking 2:30. Barriers are there to be smashed.

Anne said...

Must have been the untied shoelace that clinched it (hehe). Wonderful to hear you broke a new time barrier. What a great running year you've had with your summer of tris and now punctuating 2008 with this.

Calyx Meredith said...

Fantastico!! You did it! Yay!

Rainmaker said...

Wait a sec...shouldn't the cliffnotes version be...shorter...than the non-cliff notes version? :)

Congrats! It looks like you're on a steady PR run, just ticking them off one at a time.

I'll see ya out there at the National Half?...or full?

Fit Mommy said...

Awesome job!
Love reading race reports!

Vickie said...

Woo hoo! Congrats on surpassing your goal time! You can bask in that glory all winter now. You must be doing something right in your training!

peter said...

Hmmm, don't see anything but downward times in that progression of races. CONGRATULATIONS! You have now qualified for the National Marathon, which has the second best average finishing time for any major American marathon, behind only Boston. That's b/c of its qualifying standard of 5:00 which you must meet to run in it.

Runner Susan said...

So is it the half or the full! congrats Jeanne.

Nora said...

So glad it was a happy race!

Where's the video?

Jade Lady said...

Jeanne, a big congrats to you! And, you beat last year's time. I've got a 1/2 marathon coming up in late Jan, and this really helps me get into the mindset.

ShirleyPerly said...

CONGRATS, that's awesome! And the entry into the tri as well!!

Good luck comes in 3's, don't they?

David said...

Yea Jeanne. Good job. Don't let those stupid shoelaces untie because they'll cost you big time (see my last race). Double tie every time!
You're getter better and younger. How else can you explain wanting to drink a beer?
Send me details of the visit.

Judi said...

congrats! where are all the pix ???

Rich said...

Yow!! Congrats!! That's great!

Rae said...

Way to go!!!!!!