Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Material Girl

Specialized Dolce

Have you ever seen anything MORE BEAUTIFUL?!?!

And Dolce? Means "SWEET."


Just so you don't get the wrong idea that all of a sudden I'm flush with dough, and tossing it hither and yon, here's where my new bike stacks up in the Specialized lineup (from most to least expensive):
1. S-Works Ruby SL
2. S-Works Ruby Module
3. Ruby Pro
4. Ruby Expert Compact
5. Ruby Expert Triple
6. Ruby Comp Compact
7. Ruby Comp Triple
8. Ruby Comp Frameset
9. Ruby Elite Compact
10. Ruby Elite Triple
11. Dolce Comp
12. Dolce Elite
14. Vita Sport
15. Vita (I think those last two are tricycles.)

It's on order from the lovely Capitol Hill Bikes, which is not exactly my local bike shop, but gets great recommendations. I went Saturday after a grueling 15 mile ride in the freezing rain up a few mountains in Rock Creek Park. So I was a little tired.

After chatting with me, (me: "Do you sell bikes?"), they put me on what looks like an MRI, scanned my brain and took all kinds of PERSONAL measurements. After all that, they chose three bikes they thought might suit me and fit my budget. I was so tired I couldn't tell much difference except this one had a great seat. Which is kind of like buying a car because you like the cupholder. Sigh.

They let me take it out for an hour spin around Capitol Hill to test. And ok, so my trapezious muscles hurt a bit afterwards, but that's to be expected, non? And that will GO AWAY once my muscles develop??? Please??

Of course I didn't buy it Saturday, because that just happens to be against the rules. So I dragged myself to REI where they had a sale—20 percent off all bikes—but sadly, had no salespeople. Now, if I were smart I would have gone to at least five more stores, but I'm not smart, I'm tired.

I went back to CHB on Sunday after church, and of course: They had sold my bike.

But, it's all good cuz I got to order this black one with just a soupçon of pink. Which, when you think about it, totally reflects my personality. (Dark dark dark, more dark dark dark then? happy happy happy!!!)

For those of you keeping notes, I'm a 56-er.

It comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, and, after two weeks I get to go back and get a real, personal fitting.

It does NOT come with pedals. Those are separate.

I pick 'er up on Monday.

(Nonsequitor alert: Number One Daughter graduates on Sunday, and I go to Philly on Friday and I STILL HAVE NO PLACE to stay and all the hotels are sold out.)

I might not have a place to stay, but I will have a new bike. I'd like to personally thank my mortgage company for arranging this—and if I could figure out who they are, I would totally thank them.

ORN: 3 treadmill miles yesterday, 10 min pace
OSN: 1550 yards


21stCenturyMom said...

I have a #7. Love it - but you knew that.

LBTEPA said...

Ooooh oooh oooh!
How exciting!
better get some pedals though!

BettyBetty said...

You are so cool

J-Wim said...

My sister bought that same bike last fall- it is a really nice set of wheels you got there!

Ana said...

Sweet! I have a #11. It's a great line of bikes. Does it have a name yet?

Runner Susan said...

i don't know what to say to someone who has moved over to the dark side . . .

Lindsey said...

You got a new bike!!!! DC Tri better watch out!

Rainmaker said...

Awesome! You're sooo gonna start rockin' the bike!

peter said...

Congratulations on your new possession. That's a beauty alright. The ONLY thing I've seen more beautiful in years is Amanda Beard, and not by much! See where Susie's largess has led to? La dolce vita.

Susan said...

Grrrrrreat bike!

You know, Miss J, I am going to do the American Odyssey Relay next April. It ends in DC. Perhaps we can meet at last!

Triseverance said...

Sweet new wheels. That is from what I remember called Bike Porn. Enjoy it.

SuperSnail said...

Oooooh so purty. Congrats!

And at least you're on the 'female' list of Specialized bikes.

My Specialized is specialized for 12 year-old boys.

Laura said...

Wow, I had no idea bike buying was so complicated! Maybe I should just stick to running...

Coach Tammy said...

Sweet. :)

Vickie said...

Nice bike. You'll love it. I also have a specialized Sequoia. Specialized is a good brand.

David said...

Does this mean there will be a renaissance from a certain person and a new blog called Finally Biking?

You're so trendy. Just when gas prices are going through the roof you jump on a bike.

Black Knight said...

Yes, she is really sweet or in italiano: Si, lei è veramente dolce!

Jade Lady said...

Beautiful bike - and from your more recent posts - sounds like you're loving it!