Saturday, December 08, 2007

The "M"* Word

My (and your) favorite coach, the Little Dictator, seen here demonstrating her favorite carbo-loading technique,

is running the Honolulu Marathon tomorrow as a "training run."

Go give her some comment love!!

And yours truly is running the Blue/Gray Half in Fredericksburg, Virginia, with Susie and David tomorrow. I'm in fine fettle. I've been PMS-ing all week long, (boys, avert your eyes) only to wake up this morning to find out that the "pre-" part is OVER. Now I'm just bleeding to death, feeling undertrained, nursing a sore foot and a headache. I'm gonna be some kind of company!

My goals for tomorrow (not necessarily in this order):
1) Try not to take out frustrations on members of the opposite sex
2) Finish
3) Don't irreparably inflame the PF
4) Finish under three hours
5) Meet or beat my September 16, 2007, Philly time: 2:38:06 (12:04 min/mile)
6) Beat or meet my first 1/2: Montgomery County Half Marathon, September 24, 2006: 2:38:15 (12:05 min/mile)
7) Learn how to flip turn (oops! wrong sport. ha ha)
8) Ya know? Anything really
9) Have fun tonight with my hosts.

That last one is a given. The rest of my goals? No promises.

So, one of us is doing a marathon in 90+F heat as a tune-up for her REAL marathon. One of us is fooling around in Fredericksburg tomorrow. I'll leave you to ponder the implications of that.



21stCenturyMom said...

Have fun on your run!

Hey - it's poetry day!

Who knew?

Old School Runner said...

Good luck, Jeanne! I'm confident you'll meet all of your goals! Maybe you should have a mantra..."Thirteen point one and done," something like that.

Rainmaker said...

Good luck tomorrow!

Neese said...

slow and steady you can do it! :o)

IHateToast said...

aaah to read blogs in reverse chronological order. i sense a peebee in your future.