Saturday, December 15, 2007

Ten Miles

(Addendum: Oh, oops: total time: 1:52:55 (11:17 min. mile))

I should have been home making eggnog quick bread for my hairdresser (don't ask) but I dragged —and I do mean DRAGGED—myself out of my NICE WARM HOUSE to run 10 miles in 39F (REAL FEEL 31F).

I'm trying to hit 10 miles in 1:50 so I can qualify for the National Marathon. Not that I want to run it. I just want don't want anyone telling me I'm not allowed to.

So during last week's wonderful hilly half, when I felt like I could run forever, I hit 10 miles in 1:55. Today, at three miles I was thinking that somebody moved the wall. From 22 miles to three. I really wish someone would explain to me why running is easy one day and misery the next. WHY? WHY??

Here's how I've been running my 10 miles: Drop off car at work. Pop up to the trail, run 1.5 miles out and back = 3 miles. That puts me back at work. Run two miles past work = 5 miles. Two miles back, and I'm at work again, and now at 7 miles. Run out 1.5 miles and back = 10.

See? It's brilliant. I have about four chances to quit! And I'm never farther than two miles away from work.


Mile 1: 11:15
Mile 2: 10:49 (kill me, really, I can't run another foot, I hate this and I want it to stop. OK, Jeanne, if you really want to, you can stop at mile 3. Then, you can write about that on your damn blog.)
Mile 3: 11:09
Mile 4: 10:18 (whee! downhill!)
Mile 5: 10:26
Mile 6: 11:57 (and back up)
Mile 7: 12:46 (might have been a stoplight and traffic here)
Mile 8: 12:00 (or maybe it was here)
Mile 9: 10:43 (please make this end. i'm begging.)
Mile 10: 11:30

Nothing says consistency like "Jeanne"!


21stCenturyMom said...

Congratulations on being able write about NOT quitting. I'm still waiting for 'the force' to send me out the door. I went swimming 1 time this week and THAT'S IT! Whatever.

I'm not 100% sure what dictates when a run is good and when it is not but I suspect your nutriional intake in the 2 days before the run are key. I have to highlight the word 'suspect' because really? I have no idea.

susie said...

But you did it! Which is more than I can say for us. We did 3 miles with Beau stopping to poop every so often. So GOOD for you!!!!!! And the next one will be better, cuz that's what I say.

Rainmaker said...

"OK, Jeanne, if you really want to, you can stop at mile 3. Then, you can write about that on your damn blog"

Funny - it's painfully motivating...isn't it?

Curly Su said...

yeah, sometimes it just stinks out there. i ran a half marathon today and the stupid course brought us back to the finish area 6(!) know how much it took to not stop?? i believe it was only the fact that i refuse to have a dnf; if i was training, i would have been done at 3m... so, congrats on finishing...

Laurie said...

That is three too many opportunities to quit! I don't know how you keep going when it's right there, except for the whole writing about it on your blog part. Well done lady.

Susan said...

Brilliant, Jeanne! You are sooooo close to 1:50 now!!!! Go girl. I want that goal, too.

LBTEPA said...

There is no reason, it's just sometimes the universe has PMS.
So what did all those mile numbers add up to today?
Eggnog quick bread for your hairdresser? Note to self: start thinking about christmas food.

Neese said...

I hope you are pleased with those splits because they are friggin awesome! I didn't do the math tho, is it close to the goal? Nice job though Jeanne way to get out there

*jeanne* said...

That's great, how you keep up the long runs in the cold & on work days.
Can't you qualify for National Marathon with a Half Marathon time, too? Aren't you already that fast to have qualified? It seems to me you're already qualified. My recollections aren't exactly always accurate but it just seems like you are THERE, aren't you?

Thomas said...

I'd say National Marathon qualification will be achieved very soon.

David said...

Well if it were just a matter of running the National I'd run it bandit; but since you don't want to be told you can't run it then it's a question of ethics vs. pain. Do you run bandit or run your behind off to qualify.

peter said...

Running 10 miles in 112 minutes on an unaccompanied training run is quite impressive. Giving yourself four opportunities to quit, by running by work all those times, and not taking one of the chances, is very impressive. Only lacking two minutes to qualify for National, you might be ready to reach the standard in your next 10 Mile race situation. Good job!

IHateToast said...

i like your plan. you're a few acorns away from being a squirrel.

our little world said...

Found your blog on Blogher. Way to go with the 10 miles - love your inner conversations, I seem to have the very same ones every time I go out there!