Saturday, September 08, 2007

We Got Bike

Susie says goodbye. She might look happy but she's crying on the inside.

Yours truly has no mixed emotions whatsoever.

BIKE is now safely ensconced at my office, which is craftily located right next to a bike shop.

I'm jazzed.

In other running news:

Eight miles this morning, and two of them were straight uphill on the Custis Trail. I hemmed and hawed about whether or not to take the watch, but decided at the last minute to wear it in case I needed to run by time instead of distance, since we were coach-less.

I headed out with my friend K., who is faster than me and has a Garmin. She kept me at 10:40 min miles for the first 3 miles. Then she took off. I am proud to say I DID NOT walk for those four miles, not even on the endless, freakin' totally endless uphill. I did slow down, but don't know my pace because we switched trails and the mile markers had all changed. So I ran a total of 48 minutes, which I'm sure was at least four miles.

On the way back, I ran with another strong runner, E. I took two walk/water breaks, but they were on purpose, not at all the kind of thing I've been experiencing, the just-give-up-and-start-walking-for-no-reason thing. Has the SPELL BEEN BROKEN?

My last mile took 11:40, which is fine by me.

But, curiously, I accidentally erased all my splits and my final time once I got back to the car. I guess I secretly didn't really want to know, because, as a famous German father of psychiatry once said: There are no accidents in life.

I did it. A good long hard run, with no iPod either.


Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Nice job on the long run, Jeanne. And congrats on the new bike.

It lives at the office?

IHateToast said...

i think you need to do a girly ride to break the bike in. it's so pretty. you have to ride in your capris and girly slipperthongs, too. and you need a helmet with ladybirds on it.

you can get badass later, first you need a bit-o-fluff.

Dori said...

Congrats on your long run, and on your new bike! I'm jealous, er, happy for you. I just gave my 22 yo bike to a friends college-bound daughter. She'll use it on campus cuz she can't have a car there. Now I'm sans bike and I miss it.

You do have a helmet, I hope.

LBTEPA said...

don't listen to ihatetoast, she is from Brisbane and they are all mad up there, it's the endless sunshine. Wear correct footwear when riding!
Eight miles, she insouciantly reports?? I'd say you have proven it was a short phase (probably b/c you were sick) not a lack of willpower QED
Have fun on your bike! Are you going to give it a name? I never name cars but always name bikes. my current steed is Minerva :)

Rae said...

Great job with the run, and congrats on the new bike! You are gonna love it!!

Angela said...

You go! I always love stopping by--you make my measely mileage seem like a piece of cake. Until I'm out there, of course. Enjoy your new ride....

Susan said...

Lovely lady and a lovely bike! (and I am referring to YOU!!!)

Great run, also. Whatta weekend!

IrishBlue said...

Way to go on the run! You've officially broken the spell...that's my opinion anyway.

Phoenix said...

Allright, its time to do the "Jeanne Rocks" dance. C'mon, you know you want to dance with me.

You're run went awesome, you've got your new 'baby' to do some cross training - life is good.

David said...

So you have gone to the "dark side" as my true running companion Runner Susan would say? A bike. Not just any bike, but Susie's bike. And no story on how you came upon stealing her bike right from under her lips.
You must be getting old and slow. Bikes are for those who have to walk a lot. You know: they need some coasting in life. Are you throwing in the towel just as you are knocking off long runs again?
Why was I not consulted? Why were none of us consulted? Who knew you had this weakness for big round wheels?
I am appalled.

Just12Finish said...

Hi NBTR - I flew into your backyard tonight (late). Sorry I won't have time to hook up. Flying out again Wed PM. Will try to run early in the mornings before my meetings, if I can get up. Haven't felt that heat you all have been whining about - what's up with that?

21stCenturyMom said...

See? All you needed was a little rest and to get better and Viola! you're a runner again.

And now you're about to become a biker.

Can't wait to toe the line at IM something-or-other with you - woo hoo!

a.maria said...

ha. SEEEEEEE!!?!? i knew you could get back in the groove!!

and the bike? you're gunna love it!

peter said...

A bike? Aw Jeanne. We don't like bicyclists, remember? They don't alert you when they come whizzing up on you, they're arrogant, they fling bad or insulting words at you over their shoulder. Et tu?

What you modestly didn't tell your readers about Saturday's run is that YOU LED THE GROUP. I saw you & K run by. You both were smokin'.

Running Jayhawk said...

Aww...she's so beautiful! You're going to love her :)

Great job on the run. It can be challenging to leave all technology at home and just run with your heart and your head.

Juls said...

Congratulations on your new bike. Susie will be able to visit and you can post photos on your blog so that she can see how it is doing.