Friday, April 06, 2007

Walking Towards Running

There is no contest: Walking is easier than running (for me). There is no fear associated with it, I don't have to talk myself into it, it's relatively easy, and, the best gift: there is no pressure to perform. I've walked 2 miles a day three days this week, and plan to walk every day, gradually increasing the time and mileage.

The rewards are tremendous. You're outside, you're free, it's free, you can do it in ANY kind of weather, even in the worst winds, if properly dressed. You can evesdrop on people's conversations. You get to pass people! You notice the little changes in the flora and fauna. You see wildlife! (One bunny, one deer.) I have no concern whatsoever for my pace! Um, OK that last one is actually a lie.

My first two walks clocked in at 17:30 min miles. Yesterday, I did 16:00 min. miles.

Who says I'm competitive?

UPDATE: Speaking of competitive, check out Thomas' account of his first ultra. Thomas is a riveting writer, and includes such details as him running up the "Devil's Kill Me Now" hill, and many other descriptions of Irish places with fanciful, and terrifying, names. He finished in the time it takes me to lace up my shoes. Thomas, you're amazing!


peter said...

You evesdropped! Good for you. That means you're outside not wearing your headphones and enjoying (...uh oh, better not go there). I glad you're out and about and getting faster. Mark exposed your presence on myspace. Now you'll have to check your blog there more than once a month. See you tomorrow, dress warmly!

Danielle said...

Soon you'll be one of those speed walkers! (who look really funny but walk faster than I run)

I have never been able to walk a brisk pace. I think the dilly-dallier in me just wants to dawdle along. Hence, I have to run.

susie said...

Sounds like a delightful walk or three!! Getting back out there is the start of your training season. Go Jeanne Go

21stCenturyMom said...

I love walking. It's a good thing I have a dog or I wouldn't do it.

Listening to the birdies is nice but listening to a good book is better, sometimes.

Kate said...

I love walking. I have to agree, it's one of those easy and free things you can do for yourself. There's no mental games to continue, just pure satisfaction at being outdoors!

David said...

"You get to pass people!"

You clock your walking?

I thought you had performance anxiety.

Who are you, really?

Thomas said...

I see. I'm only gone for a long Easter weekend only to find that you tried to embarrass me on my return.

You know what they say? If a hill has a name, you know it's a tough one.

The "Devils' Mother" is actually the real name of this particular mountain. The "Hell of the West", on the other hand, was christened by suffering marathon runners.

IHateToast said...

just don't ever walk with a friend around a mall. if you do, i'll have to insist that you and your friend walk while cursing and talking about the last bunch of sailors that came into port.