Monday, February 12, 2007


I have had the crud since last Wednesday.

The good news is that my throat no longer feels like someone is in there sanding it down before a nice coat of varnish. Now it just feels like someone went in with an ice pick. I am still coughing and hacking up pieces of lung though, and now all the snot has moved into my brain (sorry, TMI?) so my head feels like it's ready to explode.

At first I blamed that handshaking thing at church (I am so keeping my gloves on from now on!) but now I'm thinking, no, no, no: in the past two weeks I've had three different dentist/oral surgeons/endodontists with their arms down my throat. What are the chances of picking of a bad throat infection from one of them or their assistants or their equipment? I'd say they are high. But, I'm no scientist.

So I know what you are all thinking: that if the only thing I have to whine about is all the broken stuff in my luxury hotel, I really need to shut up and suck it up! Well, all I can say about that is: you're so right! However, I do have loads more things to whine about. But first I want to share with you some scenes from Miami, where I was rendered speechless:

The path I ran on before sunrise.

The path ran alongside this harbor.

The courtyard of the hotel in which I spent my 50th birthday, not talking.

My own personal patio in my own room.

The hot tub in my luxury hotel room.

And see, I got through this entire post without even mentioning the fact that I got two nasty blisters from those two measly little runs!

I want a do-over.


Anne said...

You must really feel cruddy to complain about those digs, tepid hot tub and all. Very luxe.

David said...

For all that whining, I hope snow blocks your door this week so you can suffer at home with all that snot on the brain.

WAY TOO much information!

21stcenturymom said...

I think you have every right to whine. After all - it was your 50th birthday and it was not RIGHT! I grant you a do-over. In fact, as I said before, you get to celebrate 50 for as long as you want in as many ways at you want. So first feel better, then party. That's my advice.

Mark I. said...

Good grief. Poor Jeanne.

Bolder said...

hel-lo Miami!



here we go again.

you got the wrightsocks, right?

a.maria said...

aw, poor thing. you had nice weather, a nice view, a luxury hotel...



feel better!

Black Knight said...

Sorry for your throat and the other problems. Indeed in this moment I have these same problems, so I understand very well your feeling. Enjoy your 50° birthday....I did it (crying) last october....(crying)

WannaBe5Ker said...

First, feel better!
Second, looking at your photos, I am thinking we spent a few nights of our honeymoon in that hotel!!! Cool!!! Looks beautiful! Even suffering from the crud:-(

Feel better, enjoy the view, take care of yourself...and happy birthday!

Dori said...

Ok, so the good news is you're feeling better. I blame the handshaking--I think the Japanese have it right, just bow. I would hope that the dentist wears clean gloves and sterilizes the equipment before sticking it in your mouth. Rest and get well soon.

Just12Finish said...

Are you STILL in Miami? Stay any longer and you'll have to break out the sun tan lotion.

Your luxuty hotel is real lux!

Firefly's Running said...

I hope you feel much better soon.

Bex said...

Glad you're starting to feel better, fellow bell-ringer.

IHateToast said...

(playing catch up on blogs, sorry)

this is a snazzy post! did the have to force you out? how was miami in itself?