Sunday, July 09, 2006

Adieu Lulu

I knew I could count on my peeps to come thru for Lulu! Go read her comment love to you.

Meanwhile, let's get back to important stuff: me. I ran 10 miles Saturday. Saturday was a step-back week.

So, how did I do on 10 miles? I did GREAT! I decided I needed to run on a marked trail so I could get some good idea of my pace (instead of wandering around the city with my marathon "group" looking for portapotties) so I ran on a trail by myself. Started out at 7 a.m., and it went like this:

Average: 11:10 min/miles.

Now those are some decent splits for me for that distance.

After I got back to the car, I ripped off my dri-max (wet-max) shirt and huh. Funny, I didn't remember wearing a red running bra. RED?!? that...oh yes, that's BLOOD, soaked clear thru my previously white bra.

See, I had a teensy bit of chafing on my UPPER CHEST (no, not where you think, only boys get chafing there) and even though I bodyglided it like a maniac (I am so suing bodyglide), the skin—all of it— chafed right off. I looked like I'd been shot. Funny how I didn't even notice it. Hardcore, huh.

In other boring but good news: blisters did not hurt & no foot pain!! So, I'm all good people.

This morning I did a spinning class, and learned once more, that, biking? Is hard.

Next Saturday 13 miles is on the schedule. Thirteen miles thru the city, trailing far behind my group, trying to figure out where the f I am. My group is not exactly (shocker) what I'd hoped. Not a lot of coaching happening. None, actually. So, Saturday, I cheated on them after running my 10 miles, and went to another local running club's marathon orientation program, all ready to sign up with them, except, guess what, I'd be running by myself with them, too, because the next slowest runner had a 10k time of 55 minutes (mine is 1:07), and this program actually uses pace groups. So I'm kinda bummed. This new group had some serious coaches; all RRCA-certified. The head coach said I was welcome, but...yeah, I'd be running alone. Which I totally don't mind. What I do mind is running alone while trying to figure out where the hell I am, with no one checking to see if I'm dead or alive. And if I'm that far behind everyone, then I guess I can't expect the coach to run back and make sure I haven't croaked.

Whatever. With Bex's help, we came up with my own schedule. I'll still do the long runs with my original goup because it's good training to run thru the city on unfamiliar roads—right? Actually, I have no idea if that makes sense. Good thing this "program" only cost $40. You know that old saying..."There's a sucker ..."... "Run slow? Run alone."


angie's pink fuzzy said...

omg! hope your chest is okay. i always bodyglide my entire bra line, it seems to help.

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Funny how when we are running every thing seems fine. It was like that for me in the race yesterday but when I changed to shower at home later I was red all the way acrossed. Thankfully not bloody. OUCH! Hope it is healing for you.

susie said...

You are so hardcore, you CAN run alone. Who needs a coach when you've got Bex? Not you! Sorry about the chafing, though. Ouch.

TriBoomer said...

Those are some good splits. The consistency is a good sign of fitness (or so my coach tells me.) ;-)

I hope the chaffing heals quickly.

KT said...

Those are some fab splits! Big boo on bodyglide.

Running alone = quality time with my favorite person.

brent said...

nice run!!! too bad about the chafing though, that stinks.

21st Century Mom said...

As you know, I always run alone. The run we took together is about the only run I've ever done that way. I like your plan, though - sort of the best of both worlds.

You are amazing! Hard core and smokin' fast.

ps - remember when running 10 miles seemed impossible? Never forget!

Stephanie said...

Hey speed demon, way to go. Wow. Please take a minute to read a few posts from this time last year, I think you'll be rather impressed with your time.

P.S. I hate to admitt this but when you run so fast, I feel like I hardly know you. (sniff.)--that was a happy-for-you sniff by the way!

Anne said...

I'm telling you, woman, do the double-bra method. I used to have bloody bras and boobs for years until I tried it (and, yes, my reaction was similar to yours when someone first suggested it).

Caren said...

Was it the MCRRC Exp. Marathon Program ("XMP")? If so, they do seem a little hard-core. I did the First Time Marathon Program last year and they were WONDERFUL. So wonderful were they that most people who ran with them once, kept running with them year after year. And they have groups with at least one coach that will not leave you behind, all the way to 12 plus minutes, if not more. So even though you're doing your own schedule, you could probably still join them if you wanted, or think about it next year. I highly recommend them and the head coach John is a hoot. Very laid back and funny. And supportive. And the chafing thing? Ouch! I always have trouble with the girls - Body Glide helps somewhat, but I usually develop welts underneath. Very painful. No tips on that one, sorry! Great job on the run.

Lara said...

Awesome 10 miles, except for the chafe of course. For your 13 miler, just don't wear a bra. No chafe - problem solved.

jeanne said...

caren: Yep, you nailed it! that was it. I would LOVE to do the first time MCRR program, but the long runs are on sundays, and that's out for me. BUMMER. it's always something, right?? Now if only they'd change around their entire schedule for me. The least they could do! :)
lara: People would get hurt. Lots of people!

Running Rabbit said...

Oh god! Did that chaffing hurt like hell or what?