Friday, May 05, 2006

In Keeping With This Month's Theme ...

... of running skirts, dresses, bras, strides, eating, AARP, hills, and a run victorious (in other words, absolutely no theme whatsoever) I thought it was time to get back to some manliness. Hence, I present:

Chuck Connors in "Branded!" (Click to hear cool song!)
All but one man died
There at Bitter Creek
And they say he ran away
(note running reference)
Branded! Scorned as the one who ran
What do you do when you're branded
And you know you're a man?
Wherever you go for the
rest of your life
you must prooooove
You're a man!

(Extra points if you can tell me when this ran!)

And Branded! is quite in keeping with this informative flyer sent to me by one David of "Adventures in the Thin Trade." (David has, quite obviously, not been well lately. Feel better, real soon, David!)
Ah, the good ol' days!


Dori said...

Oh, God. Crap from the past. I remember Branded; I could sing the theme without clicking on the link. Pathetic.

The Good Wife's Guide left my skin crawling. Grrrr. Don't question his judgement? He is the master of the house? You have no right to question him? Question this! (Imagine middle finger pointed to the article.) We so needed the Women's Liberation Movement. Thank you Betty Friedan. May she rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

no...that can't be real...

Black Knight said...

For the extra points: he ran before knowing....he is man. He had many doubts: a girl, a boy, a wolf, a robin, a fish.... So he ran from a vet to a psichologist, from a doctor to a counselor. At last he understood his real nature and didn't run anymore.

Anonymous said...

The following I learned in 2nd or 3rd grade and I can not think of "Branded" without having this diity start playing in my head...Stop! Please stop!!!

"Stranded, stuck on the toliet bowl,
what do you do when your stranded and you don't have a roll?
To prove your a man you just wipe with your hand, stranded, stuck on the toliet bowl!"

I'm so childhood was less than all quality....

Hak said...


Thanks for nice comments and I will offer a belated apology if any of the language on the race report may have offended you. Like I wrote, I call it as I think it and sometimes my thoughts are not along the lines of a Disneyland character, but rather a drunken sailor on shore leave in Manilla!

Anyway, keep up your good work here and be proud of the sweat and breath you're pouring into your training. After all, life is just one big race.


Haight said...

Chuck Connors...a couple other tidbits...the former 'Rifleman' was drafted by the Brooklyn Dodgers and played one season with the Chicago Cubs as an outfielder...rumor has it he also played for the 'other' team...not that there's anything wrong with that (in my best Seinfeld voice)

a.maria said...

ha. a friend of mine sent that to me a few weeks ago. thank god i didn't grow up in that time period.

as for "branded"

what the crap are you talking about? i'm clueless over here! (and the link no longer works!!)

a.maria said...

never mind yes it does. i'm listening to it now.

what IS this?


David said...

I am so pleased to contribute energizing influences to female runners everywherel and I am feeling quite better now too. Is supper ready dear?

jeanne said...

poor a. young, so innocent! David, you know where you can find your supper... :)

21st Century Mom said...

Thank you, Jeanne for reminding us about a time when men were men and women were glad of it - ahhhhh... I mean ARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Anonymous said...

More tips for the ladies: "How to keep your husband happy" by 60s TV exercise guru, Debbie Drake.