Monday, March 20, 2006

Perfect, My A**

I don't know who let Pollyanna take over my blog, but I kicked her butt outta here, and now I'm back, with a vengeance.

Saturday's easy 50-min run. Could. Not. Do. It. Apparently, I can only run well once per year, and I had used up my allotment last week in the race. Also, apparently, I can no longer run. Ever.

I met up with my group at 8 a.m. and I instantly knew it wasn't going to work. It was a simple out and back—25 minutes each way. The weather was perfect. A bit windy, perhaps. After the first 20 minutes my heart rate shot up to 198. And that was during a walk break!! (An unscheduled walk break, of which I took several. Because of the not being able to run ever again thing. See above.)

I got back first to base—Fletcher's Boathouse—and as the others came in, one speedy little girl told me, "Great job!" I thought she was kidding, but later learned that she thought (ha ha ha ha) that I had come in first. I told her it's easy to come in first; you just turn around before everyone else! (In 25 minutes I didn't go as far as she did, hence the getting back before her.) I guess the good news is that at least I finished. And I kept making myself run. The bad news is: WTF happened???

Sunday I had to prove to myself that I could indeed still run, so set out for a slow 35 minutes. Did it. Did it with legs like lead. Again, I say: WTF??

After consulting every single person I know (mailman, building maintenance, Blockbuster clerk) about WTF happened, the consensus is: I stay up too late reading all your blogs, composing witty entries, and just putzing around. Add to that not drinking enough water, and oh, how about we throw in eating crap. Apparently (that word again) you cannot just live la-de-dah, and expect to go run in the morning. Who knew?

In other not-so-perfect news, my perfect NOD had a run-in with her crew coach. Something about staying out til 1 a.m. and then going to practice at 5 a.m., and not, um, being totally on her game. I don't know where she gets her insane training habits.


P.S. I am off to Seattle for a few days for a conference. So you won't have me to kick around (or maybe you will; I hear they have the Internet there, too). Thanks to Anne and jeff for their suggestions on running in Seattle. Let's see if I get my MOJO back on the other coast.


Jack said...

" cannot just live la-de-dah, and expect to go run in the morning. Who knew?"

He-he, great stuff, I love reading your blog!

susie said...

So we're living in synch? I'll do better if you will. Let's have a kick-ass run on Saturday, ok?

Bob said...

Just a guess Jeanne but I would say you are not fully recovered from the race yet. Take your time, listen to your body, it will get better.

21st Century Mom said...

YES! Misery really does love company - it does, it does!

And yes - if one is going to run one must prepare. Sigh... it's that whole discipline thing.

ps- you have a google ad on your page for the SF Marathon. It is a sign - I tell you, a sign.

a.maria said...

dude i'm with bob. you weren't fully recovered.

(well done kicking out pollyanna-- i was worried you'd gone all soft on me!)

have fun in seattle, i hear its a great running city, so maybe you'll catch onto their juju and run like zee weeeeeend

(nell? anyone? cuz that shit's funny!)

KT said...

Lead legs suck. Take care of yourself in Seattle, and I'm sure you'll have one hell of a comeback.

Bolder said...

Load and Recover.

say it three times.

Dori said...

Jeanne, you are so funny! Have a good time in Seattle. Go to the original Starbucks at Pike's Market and buy a money card. You can only get them there. That way Starbucks can use your cash to collect interest. But it's worth it for the coolness factor.

I ran along the Sammamish River trail last December. It was nice because there's no cars, but not particularly scenic. Here's a link to a Runner's World article on where to run in Seattle:,5033,s6-188-193-0-5384,00.html

Rae said...

I love Seattle!!

I've had a few runs just like that! During one half marathon during a week where I had a ton of hours at work, plus the stress of those hours, plus eating bad and not getting enough sleep because of work I suffered 13 miles of side stitches and even puked at mile 12! Ugh! Obviously the issue is work, not me!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

Oh, phooey :) Pollyanna's still in there, and she'll remind you that you just need to rest, recover and fuel, and you'll be faster than ever.

Um, okay, so it's a little over the top. But I'm leaving it.

Susan said...

I agree with Mom - it's a sign! SF. SF. SF.

Running Rabbit said...

Ahhh...but at least you're running! Good for you!

Anonymous said...

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