Friday, March 24, 2006

Around the National Marathon in Winter Park on a Bike for 65 Miles Bay Race

Too much is happening tomorrow!

First up: Bex is running the first (and her first) annual National Marathon, and I will not be there to see her. "Some parts of the course are flat and fast, other parts are hilly and challenging," says the Web site. Bex, my friend, mentor, and coach, I hardly knew ye. Go, Bex!! That's what I'll be shouting (hopefully in my head) as I ferry over to Bainbridge Island tomorrow morning.

Next up: Jon, who is running Around the Bay, just like this little (imaginary) kid did:

Unlike Ralph, Jon does have a prayer, due to his extreme Lenten regime of self-denial.

Then there's our favorite 21st Century Mom who is riding 65—that's sixty-fivemiles tomorrow! Rock on, 21st C!

And then, there is David, out tomorrow for his first race since his Miami marathon.

I'm sure I've forgotten a few people.

Good luck everyone! And thank you for saving me from having to think up something clever for my blog tonight.


nancytoby said...

I'll be interested in how the National Marathon goes, with the qualifying times, etc.! I'll bet they also don't say in the publicity, "You'll want to run really fast, because it goes through neighborhoods you really don't want to walk in." ;-)

a.maria said...

omg that movie FRIGGIN rocks!

Bex said...

Actually, the National Marathon course was great: The neighborhoods were fine, quite middle-class in PG county, and we ran through past open fields at one point. Running through Anacostia, you can see the coming gentrification and the revitalization of the waterfront. Don't knock it until you've tried it!

21st Century Mom said...

Thanks for thinking of me! I got robbed of 10 of my 65 miles. Write up scheduled for Sunday.