Monday, December 08, 2008

Ten Miles

On Saturday. It was oh, maybe 21 degrees Fahrenheit.

It was COLD.

But thank God, no wind.

So I bundled myself up, and met up with the trail snails across from Old Angler's Inn on the C&O Canal Towpath. I am digging running with this group. Because? I am fast in this group! Seriously. I've been running with one other chick, J., who is just a teensy bit faster than me, so she pushes me just enough. And we're totally in front of everyone else (not that that matters. But I gotta admit, it feels damn good!).

So, here's what we've done together:

11/15: 7.5 miles in 1:26:05 (11:29/ mile)

11/22: 8 miles in 1:37:00 (12:08 / mile) (OK, I totally slowed us down)

11/29: 9 miles in 1:47:13 (11:55 / mile) (Here, too)

And then this past Saturday, J. and I were joined by a jolly fellow, B., and his faithful dog. B. runs this route often and he said he is always trying to beat himself. So I prepared myself to be Left. Behind. Once. Again.

But no!

Instead what happened is he pushed us! But not too hard, and not too fast. He pushed us just enough so I didn't die.

On Saturday, we did:

10 miles in 1:56:00 (11:36/ mile)

Around mile 7 I whined asked if we could walk, and both J. and B. said "sure!" so I walked for about 10 seconds. I had been telling them about my never-ending quest to NOT walk, about how it's totally mental that I think I NEED to walk, but rarely if EVER do I actually NEED to walk, and on top of that, walking never does a THING for me! (Yes, I know: I'm a laugh riot on a run.) So after about ten seconds of walking I said, "Hey, don't say O.K.! I don't need to walk!" So we started running again.

I think this is the first time I've ever—EVER—run, really really RUN ten miles without screwing around walking!

That bodes well for my half on Sunday. Not to jinx things or anything. I am still aiming for 2:30, and am still woefully unprepared. (Please don't let it be windy.)

In other news, I'm faithfully following the 100 push up challenge, and—HOLD ONTO YOUR HATS—I am up to SIX PUSHUPS!!


So, here's Saturday's splits, just because I find them endlessly fascinating. Now you can too!
5: 6:23
mile 1: 12:02
2: 11:30
3: 11:09
4: 10:55
.5: 5: 5:26
break: 3:00 (O.K. people had to do things)
.5: 4:01
6: 10:51
7: 11:38
8 & 9: 23:40
.5: 5:40


Rainmaker said...

I wonder if I saw ya out there. I was out and about Saturday morning on the tow path as well. I saw a couple of groups go by and thought to myself - I wonder if Jeanne's in there!

LBTEPA said...

If you pronounce your name jean and not Zhaan you can be Jeanne the Machine! Cool!! Way to go on the pushups too!

peter said...

Nice ten-miler! You are so far ahead of my HM group (we only did 8). Good luck on the HM next weekend!

ShirleyPerly said...

Good job on your training run! If it's windy at your race, just tuck behind some big guy and draft. Unlike most tris, it's totally legal. Good luck!!

Thomas said...

With your recent mega-mileage, that half is going to be a walk in the park! Except that you won't be walking, of course.

Calyx Meredith said...

Oh - I would like running with a group like yours (although I'd still be in the back). Will keep my fingers crossed for you that the wind gods have business elsewhere on Sunday! Good luck!

Kelly said...

I'm totally with you on the walking thing. I walk just running THREE miles! And I KNOW it's all mental, because when I'm in a race, I can push through and finish just fine.

21stCenturyMom said...

Once again I am reminded to get my ass in gear on this 100 push up challenge.

Good job on the running and yes - it bodes very well for your half mary. Just don't go out too fast and the rest will fall into place.

Lesser is More said...

I was out on the path as well Saturday, before jumping on the Capital Crescent Trail up toward of these days, I know I'll see you out there RUNNING!

Nora said...

Brr. Winter bites. Have fun on Sunday!!

The Happy Runner said...

Good for you for getting out there is the c-c-c-cold! I'm way too wimpy.

Good luck with the push up challenge.

Petraruns said...

6 pushups! Waah! I am way behind! I keep meaning to start.. Well done on pushing yourself - it DOES bode well. I love when I run well in the week before a race .. you go in strong! good luck and hope the weather is not too nasty. Way to attack the christmas blaahhs though.

Black Knight said...

You are making a very good job. Good luck on the HM!

Vickie said...

Too bad I don't live over your way! I need some serious pushing to get faster.

Susan said...

Little to no walking AND 6 push-ups? Merry Christmas to Jeanne!

I see half-marathon success for you.

I head a dream that I was no longer pregnant yet I could not muster out any miles faster than 19:00. YUCK!

David said...

You're so far ahead of me too. I ran 1 mile this week.

Tell Susie to give you a big hug for me. Never mind those little bumps in the road. They're not hills. They're Civil War historical markers.