Thursday, November 27, 2008

I Love Running!

Mile 6.1

Look! I'm running!

And ... the obligatory butt shot.

Tri-friend J. (also my erstwhile swimming coach) and his lovely wife M.

Nov. 27, 2008: Bethesda YMCA Turkey Chase (motto: all hills, all the time): 1:06:51 (10:47/mile) NOW UPDATED with even better official results:
59/89 3247 Jeanne McCann F 51 Bethesda MD 1:14:46(gun) 1:06:20(net) (10:41/mile)

May 14, 2006: Arlington (Va.) YMCA Mother's Day 10k (Did I mention this course was hilly?): 1:07:15 (10:49/mile)

Dec. 11, 2005: Jingle All the Way (on the beautiful FLAT Haine's Point in D.C.): 1:08:22 (11:00/mile)

It turns out that if you eliminate that swimming and biking stuff beforehand, you go waaaaay faster.

For a small town local race, this thing is huge. Why can't I find a race where there are no more than three people in my elderly age group and two of them are on crutches??? WHY?? It took 10 minutes to cross the mat, and it didn't start thinning out until mile 4. If I'm complaining about slower people in front, you KNOW it's crowded.

Since I started running sans headphones, I'm much more aware of my surroundings. This is not necessarily a good thing. I'm running along, and suddenly I hear an incessant squeak squeak squeak. I turn and ask the older gentleman running nearby: "Are you squeaking??" He responds: "Oh, that's just my METRONOME." Seriously?? "Yes, it helps me with my cadence." "Well it's driving ME crazy!"

I turn to the person next to me to say something snarky about metronome man, only she's plugged in, as is just about everyone else. All around me drift the sounds of garmins beeping and iPods blasting music so loud it comes out of the top of peoples' heads.

Is it possible I've become a running SNOB?!

My goal for this race was sub-1:15, because it has a lot of uphills and few downhills. So my strategery was: Go out fast, fly on the downhills, and limp my way to the finish.

Mile 1+ (missed mile marker): 11:31
Mile -2: 8:56
Mile 3: 11:21 (31:49)
Mile 4: 11:09
Mile 5: 11:02
Mile 6: 10:47
Mile .2 2:02

1:06:51 1:06:20 (just managing to miss qualifying for the National Half Marathon by 1:51 1:20. Sigh. Bastards.)

So much for strategy!

Sidebar: I've been in a funk for days now. In fact, Number One Daughter told me afterwards that she was afraid if I had a bad race I would be a real pill to live with. Turns out that my mood has magically lifted. Do you think it was the running, or the PR?



Kelly said...

A metranome? Seriously?!

Good job on a great race.

Susan said...

Wow speedy!!!!!

You, by the way, look amazingly svelte. I am jealous!

BettyBetty said...

Very nice! You look good! I see some hammy and quad action in those tights!

LBTEPA said...

PR and a great run = great mood.

SCMorgan said...

As Susan said, svelte! And fast. Can't wait to see you:)

21stCenturyMom said...

Congratulations on your PR and on having your mood uplifted. Happy Thanksgiving, indeed!

Thomas said...

Hah! As soon as you post a new PR you turn into a running snob! But running with a metronome is definitely bizarre!

Actually, well done. I'm proud of you.

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Nothing boosts your mood like a good PR. :)

Isn't crazy how much you notice the headphones when you take yours off? It really bugs me when the loud headphone people PASS me.

Nice job on the race, Jeanne. PR on a hilly course is a damn fine thing indeed. :)

Xena said...

A metronome. Really.
Looking sleek, keep it up.
And now you can come do Shamrock!

Old School Runner said...

The qualifying window goes back to 1/1/03 to the present, so you can use your 1/1/08 MCRRC New Year's 5K time to qualify for the 2009 National Half Marathon. At least that's how I read the webpage.

David said...

Did you see mile 6 was sub-11? Run Baby; run!
You PRed. That's why you're floating. It's supposed tohappen that way. Great work.
And you actually do look like you're running in the second photo.

Runner Susan said...

you look amazingly thin. And super great form. Come give me some lessons - I ate my weight in food yesterday.

Just12Finish said...

I think I had 3 muffins while you were running this thing. 10K for a trot?

Neal Carlton said...

Excellent work, Jeanne! Please teach me to love running. I was slated to put in 10 miles today and I walked in my door only having done a miserable 8. Good days and bad days, I guess.

Rainmaker said...

Sweet, congrats on the PR!

I think you'll be going for anothe PR in December. And perhaps a qualifying time for National.

Judi said...

congrats on your pr jeanne! i ran a 10k too - it was very crowded, 12K people running!

Phil said...

Congratulations on your race ...looked real cold (at least to those of us out here on the desert). No wonder you're in a good mood .. there's nothing like a race to lift the spirits. Metranome Man and all.

The Happy Runner said...

Congratulations on a great race! Running always lifts my mood -- and PRs lift it even more. So, I'd say yours was probably lifted by the combination. Keep you going, doesn't it?

Great job!

ShirleyPerly said...

Congrats on the PR!

I've never heard of someone using a metronome in a running race but just ordered one for swimming to improve my stroke turnover rate. Maybe it's the same thing?

Vickie said...

Well a metronome beats listening to someone's cowbell for the whole race! I NEVER listen to music when running outside. Sometimes I wish I could figure out my ipod so I can use it, but I honestly don't miss it running outside. I think that and running so slowly in races allows me to think of all the things I'm seeing and feeling to write it down after. Great race by the way! Your mile splits were fairly consistent!

Nora said...

Metronome made me spit my drink. That's hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your PR! It was cold and hilly. The metronome was probably your source of motivation to get away, faster and faster :)