Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Cornucopia of Minutiae

Big congrats to the always amazing and prodigious D.C. Rainmaker for winning Best of the Blogs. And for nailing the Philly Marathon today. Holy cow!

I think my bowling injury is gone, thankfully. But bowling did manage to totally TAKE out one of my younger colleagues--who threw her back out and had to take a week off from work. So much for group bonding. I'm going to propose that next time, we eschew physical pursuits and just go drink.

Meanwhile, I'm back training. My schedule looks like this:

Sunday: Swim class (loads of fun, and I still suck)
Monday: Off
Tuesday: Spin class 6 a.m. (this is supposed to be 60 minutes but barely hits 45, don't understand why.)
Tuesday night: run on YMCA treadmill, where you get kicked off after 30 minutes. I manage to crank out 3 9:30 minute miles, which is obviously a complete lie since there is no replicating this in REAL LIFE. Say, outdoors, for instance.
Wednesday: 6 a.m.: swim drills from class. Set new time for swimming 100: 3:30. Sigh.
Thursday: Spin class 6 a.m.
Thursday: run 4 miles outside in the cold, at 4:30 p.m., in the gathering dusk. Am hanging on around 10:30 minute miles.
Friday: OFF!
Saturday: Run with my newfound SnailTrail runners. I am waaay out front again, with two other women. Eight miles finished in....1:37!!! Which is a 12:08 minute mile. In my defense, it was 22 degrees out and windy. It turns out that I'm discouraged even when I'm leading. The good news that I successfully avoided the evil post-run petite heroin-laced Starbucks vanilla scones.

Here we are at Sunday again, gearing up for swim class tonight.

I'm in town for Thanksgiving for the first time in several years, so I have the opportunity to run the YMCA Turkey trot, a 10k. I've only run two 10ks ever (is that possible?? What do I have against 10ks???) and apparently my PR is 1:07. So I'm pretty sure that will stand, but hope springs eternal!

And I'm still pretending that I will be running the Fredericksburg Blue Gray Half Marathon on Dec 14 (Hi Susie and David!).

In other news: Apparently you can only watch my television ancien comfortably, from one chair in this house.

Just try watching TV from this couch. You'd need a chiropracter.

I can't move the TV bcs the cable is on that side. And I can't move the couch cuz that lounge-y part is part of the couch and won't work on any other wall.

Believe it or not, this leetle conundrum led to a fight with number one daughter last night! I have so many ridiculous's just ridiculous.

So, it's OPEN MIKE. I need advice on my training sked, and my furniture arranging skills. Don't be shy!


Old School Runner said...

Why don't you get an extension for the cable? Then you can move the television wherever you want. You can pick one up at Radio Shack for a couple bucks.

Kelly said...

Well, you don't know me, but I'm going to make a suggestion anyway.

Place the couch perpendicular to the wall... that way it will be in prime-tv viewing locale and will make your room feel cozier.

ShirleyPerly said...

Sorry, no help on the TV (we don't even have cable). But if it makes you feel any better, I've never run a 10K before. Glad to hear you're enjoying your swim class!

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Kill your TV before it kills you!

LBTEPA said...

get a new tv?
I like your group bonding suggestion (but then i would LOL)
I can run 10km/hr on a treadmill but never outside :( it's not just you.
My 'training sked' (hahahaha) works best when I have an A race, so I can focus on that and everything else is just fun

Neese said...

I say move/turn the couch to face the tv and allow the loungy part to stick out, a couch doesn't have to have a wall behind it.

Mike Fox said...

I have no comment on the TV. Sorry.

However, I will also be running the Turkey Chase this Thursday. I also will be running nowhere near my 10K PR of 56 minutes (I'm realistically thinking it will be somewhere in the 1:04 range given the decreased amount of running I have done this month...)

Hopefully we'll meet up in person!

jeanne said...

OSR: they make cable extensions? WHO KNEW??

and i would LOVE to put the couch perpendicular, but that blocks access to the room. so no can do. Has to be against one wall or the other.

Maybe I should move...

Neal Carlton said...

One suggestion about training. When running on the treadmill, up the incline to 1 or 1.5. It won't exactly replicate a "real" pavement-pounding outdoors run, but it does provide a little more resistance than just jogging on the hamster wheel.

21stCenturyMom said...

1). You swam that 100 in 2:30 - of this I am sure. You read the clock wrong. You could dog paddle it in 3:30

2). Cable extension - to go Radio Shack and ask for help.

3). Run even faster on the treadmill. You won't go that fast outside but it will make you go faster. You want to crank that treadmill interval up to hurl level 4.

4). dump the snail trail people and run with people faster than you - it will make you faster. Being in the lead doesn't do anything for your disposition and if you can lead a group at a 12 minute pace that isn't going to do you any good. Faster and harder is better. You can run with the snail people once in a while for recovery and to be sociable for not for standard training.

5). For now just lie on the couch with your head on the arm rest and rotate the TV so you can see it. The other person (NOD) will have to sit in the chair.

No need to thank me - I'm here to help.

eileen said...

Putting the couch perpendicular is the answer. It will make a nice "divide" in the room too. It might take some getting used to but you'll love it. Put the "loungy" part on the outside with the closed end on the wall where you used to have the bookcase. Happy Thanksgiving. xx

Nora said...

Nuts. I was gonna suggest the perpendicular couch thing if it didn't close off the room. We have to do that every year when the Christmas tree comes in, and I am not partial to having furniture in the middle of the room, especially facing away from entrances, but I usually get used to it.

Got a saw?

How often do you watch the tv anyway?

Runner Susan said...

I have an unusual desire to go bowling now. I want to get injured so I can not have to start exercising again. Is that wrong?

Get a really long cable and stuff it under the carpet along the floorboard.

Vickie said...

Your schedule sounds great to me!

Vickie said...

Oh, and P.S. I am the worst person to ask decorating advice. (my kitchen hasn't been redone since the 70s.)

Susan said...

Yikes! No TV advice here... but I know you'll enjoy the 10K!!

JTri's said...

I don't know what to do about the TV, except train so much you don't watch it.

Stick with the swimming.

Spinning classes are always 45 min to allwo warm up and cool down and I hate that too.

I don't think it's bad to stick with your trail running friends, if you enjoy it. Most people run slower on trails because they are often more technical and have more hills (the trails, not the people). Every run doesn't have to be at your fastest speed, indeed running different paces and terrains is great for your running.

Rainmaker said...

1) Thanks!

2) Really....a bowling injury?

3) Actually, 3:30 per 100 for drills isn't all that bad. I've done some 3:30 drill 100's recently. Now, if it was normal swimming, then we needs to have a chats.

4) I'd be careful to not let your Tues/Thurs miles develop into a rut. Meaning - you may want to either lengthen them a bit (say 5-6 miles) to develop base. Or shorten and increase intensity to develop speed. Depends on when your goal races are. For anything beyond March, then I'd go with more base.

5) Regarding a faster long run depends. If you're training for a half - then you really want to go long and slow (base) - which is your Z2 time. Most runners run to fast, and cycle too slow. Z2 is where you want to be for long distance tri's. It's sustainable and better than bonking. Z2 should be chatting-time. If you can't chat, you're going too fast. Anyway...I've probably already written too much.

6) You need a new TV. They're cheap. Plus, you could HTFU and go out early Friday morning to a Black Friday sale and get it even cheaper.

Yup, I'm here to help.

peter said...

So practical, that Old School Runner. Doesn't he realize that things are the way they're meant to be? What is the prime directive? No intervention! Anyway, your apt. looks great! It looked great when I brought over that Wee stuff awhile back but it looks so much greater now! Who is your interior decorator?

jeanne said...

ok ok, i will try the couch perpendicular! you people!!! but i think the fire marshall will cite me for cutting off the exits.

i like jon's suggestion. :)

mike: I will see you on thursday!

neal: yes you're right, up that incline!

runner susan: you & OSR think alike.

Susan: enjoy a 10k? if you say so!

d.c.rainmaker and 21st c mom tie for most advice-ful!

dc spinster gets the award for most flattering comment.

BettyBetty said...

Chiming in late as usual. Yes couch perpendicular to the wall - you must. Enter room by executing side vault over the couch. Saw that on Top Design - totally acceptable - design rules. Yes buy extension cable and stuff it like Susan said. OR call the cable guy and have him move the jack. Yes avoid snail group except for recovery runs.

Just12Finish said...

I would put the TV where the couch is and the couch where the TV is. Duh!

Oh, you want it to look good too? That'll cost extra.