Friday, January 19, 2007

Boo Boo

Boo boo? Or boo hoo?

Apparently, if I can't make fun of people, what I have left is a big giant blog hole. I will have to seriously rethink this resolution.

I've had better weeks. Calmer, less exciting but more fulfilling weeks. I am still falling apart. Today, instead of getting a tooth pulled, or a root canal, I spent quality time with a nice endodontist who told me I needed not only to get a tooth pulled (he doesn't do that, so messy!), I also needed a root canal on another tooth (he does do that!) but not today.

I made a real resolution on Dec. 9 to get into the best shape of my life. By mistake, did I say "worst shape?" Did I make a boo-boo??

Running: I ran last Saturday, trying to up my mileage to five. My foot gave out at 4.5, and I limped home, very very mad. I have a podiatrist appt sometime soon. (Who the hell can keep track?) So the very thing that keeps me most in shape, this running thing is at the moment only giving me negative feedback. What happens when you get a long string of negative feedback, people? You give up! I meant to say, you go kick ass!

So Sunday, I went for a long hike. As in walking. Might as well get the hang of walking for exercise now, I'm thinking. It was ok. I found a new trail through some woods near my house. I saw a cute guy on a mountain bike and I so wanted to tell him: "I'm really a runner! Really! I'm only walking because...." But he was gone, while the voice in my head trailed off in the distance. Not that I have anything against walkers!

Monday: Did yoga video.

Tuesday: Spinning at 6:30! a.m.! This is more like it. This is a real work out, and doing it before the sun rises just ups the hardcore quotient. Bonus: very nice spinning instructor. As in nice. As in please-take-your-clothes-off-now nice.

Then yoga at 12:30 at work. (That's two workouts, one day. Just helping you keep track.)

Wed: off.

Thursday: Yoga with the lovely A. of the sing-song voice. Planned on elliptical Thursday night but work got in the way.

Friday: Oh, that's today! Today deserves a book. A book that no one but sad pathetic whiners would be interested in. See reCAP (get it? cap? tooth?) above.

So the score for cardio this week? ONE. One 45-minute spinning class. Boo-effing-hoo.

I'm depressed. I think I'm anticipating being depressed after surgery. I like to get a head start on things that way. Oh, and I got on the scale this morning and it said: You gained five pounds this week. I thought I was so over the scale. Bastard.

Five pounds. Even after giving up sugar. No fair. Another round of boo-effing-hoo.

I'm depressed that the title of this blog is really starting to come true. After all those miles! So what do you do when you get depressed? You book time at the hairdresser, natch.

Someone, no, all of you, I'm begging: Kick my whiney ass, and tell me to buck up. Or feel free to pity me. That might work. Ya never know!

Upcoming: Jeanne gets her eyes checked. Stay tuned!

Now, for your listening pleasure, two legends singing my (current) theme song:

Richie, it's buttah!


Firefly's Running said...

((Jeanne)) Hang in there!

21st Century Mom said...

You are getting in a lot of workouts but you need to love your workouts no matter what they are. Running is okay but sometimes you just have to give it a rest. Sometimes because you want to and sometimes because your foot says so. No biggie. When you can't move at all you can start complaining again, k?

Here in California we say - "take a deep, cleansing breath. Exhale. Out with the jive, in with the love...."

Feel better? I do what I can.

Anonymous said...

I think blogger ate my post a second time... if not I apologize for three posts...
The gist of it is
1) scale = evil
2) try to find a positive activity mapped out over 12 weeks
3) much love to you and I hope the surgery goes well.

Waterfall said...

I was a walker/hiker for 15 years before I started running, and I still love walking (though it seems so *slow* now that I run!).

Hiking is my favorite workout--burns lots of calories, plus you get great views and can stop and rest as often as you want! :)

Hang in there!

Juls said...

Oh Jeanne, walking is fine too. I know what you mean. During the Nike Women's HM, I felt like I needed to explain the fact that I was walking. "I'm injured" But it didn't matter to anyone but me. And you know what, the walkers are a blast. Enjoy, and I hope you can get back to running really soon.

Laurie said...

"please-take-your-clothes-off-now nice" is the best kind of nice. Thanks for the smile.

You are doing great. Keep your chin up and keep moving. But I think you should start making fun of people again. You will feel better by putting other people down. ;)

susie said...

I've had more drs appointments than you. Nah nah nah. Does that make you feel better? Ok, get depressed for the weekend, and then buck up camper. You've got miles to go before you can call it quits. This is just a detour.

Neese said...

LOL bless your sweet heart, you seem to be doing well with workouts under the circumstances.. it IS better than zero. I say keep blogging you are doing well at keeping the posts amusing even with your resolution. hang in there :o)

Janice said...

Just noticed you read Elizabeth George and Rohinton Mistry. Both are two of my more favourite authors. What did you think of Elizabeth George's latest -- What Came Before He Shot Her?

Just12Finish said...

Yo Jeanne, if you're as cool as Ella, who needs to get around?

LBTEPA said...

Stop being such a baby, you big la-la!
There, whiny ass-kicking, as requested!
It sounds as though you want to know RIGHT NOW that everything will be ok after your surgery. You can't know that. All you can really do is keep on doing the right things, and trust that they will lead to the outcomes you want. Which they WILL.
So buck up, sasuage. All will be well.

David said...

You haven't tried retail therapy yet. That's standard remedy for a lot of people.

Lora said...

I feel so aweful for you I'm going to buy me a purse and wallet....then I'll feel better!

IHateToast said...

get one of those diamonds set into your tooth. it'll make the trip worth your while.

and please, tell me about your while. what is a while?

WannaBe5Ker said...

This is relevant, I promise.

I was running at the track today, and this walker showed up. I was trying to catch up to her, and my goodness, it took a long time for me to catch up then finally, mercifully, pass her. She walks nearly as fast as I run! And I told her so as I slogged by her, lol. THE POINT: Some walkers walk pretty darn fast! I bet you are no slacker walker!

GL GL GL getting through all this tooth, doctor, foot junk.

And BTW, you have inspired me! I got a Yoga/Pilates DVD out of the library yesterday!

Runner Susan said...

bb = boo boo or bladder buddy.

I vote retail therapy.

Ginger Breadman said...

What a refreshingly honest post, and I love the comments people have left you on this one. I love the cute guy on the mtn. bike that you wanted to tell you are a runner - I do that too - wanna give passers=by an excuse for when I don't feel up to par. Maybe it's more a competitive spirit than anything else. I think you had a great week - you lived life, against a lot of odds, and still fit in some exercise. I know you sound frustrated, but with your determination, you'll be just fine.

WADDLER26.2 said...

Hang in there. You're alot tougher than you give yourself credit for.