Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Stink

No, I seriously, honestly stink (maybe I don't have try so hard to convince any of you who have traveled with me on my fitness rounds).

I have a (semi-) finite number of clothes that I wear to run indoors, to run outdoors, to wear to spin class, and on the treadmill. The minute I put them on, it starts. The stink is so foul you can practically eat it with a fork.

So I have to wash them (and I usually—don't judge—do) every night. Which is fun without a washer in the condo. But no matter how many volcanoes of baking soda and white vinegar I pour over my clothes while washing (a tip given to me by a concerned friend), the outcome is always: all stink, all the time.

So it was with great delight that I replied with a hearty "hell yes" when the ProWash peeps asked if I wanted to review their product. Besides, all the cool kids had already reviewed it.

I had already tried a sample of ProWash, given out as schwag at some race this summer—and I had liked what I didn't smell.

From the ProWash site:
ProWash™ is designed to target perspiration and odor molecules (ewww) in the wicking of the garment which ordinary detergents cover with perfume. This innovation actually removes odor molecules and detergent residues left by ordinary detergents.

I got this lovely package in the mail:

with a bonus "microfiber gym towel" in its own little carrying case! Score #1.

ProWash comes in a fancy soft plastic-y pouch, with a spout on the side and a measuring spoon that slips over the spout. How cute is that?? Well it's cute, but is it GREEN?

As a company we are concerned with the earth, its resources and the health of its inhabitants.

Stand up Pouches have 9X less effect on the earth than plastic bottles:
# 9X less warehouse space required
# 9X less landfill space consumed
# 9X less fuel consumption
# 9X less consumption of wood for pallets and paper for corrugate
# Pouches use only 40% of the plastic of the same size rigid bottle

*** Source: Mid Continent Packaging, Inc. Analysis Reporting 7/1/08 ***
Score #2.

And, like many of my favorite stores, it has an iron-clad money-back guarantee:
ProWash™ Activewear Detergent is the only sport detergent brand that gives a 100% Guarantee! If you are not completely satisfied, send the retail package and your cash register receipt for a replacement or refund.
Nothing to lose!

But does it work?

After several trials, I can truthfully say (and you should feel free to join me): Thank God Almighty, the stink is gone!

I love this stuff, and not just because they gave it to me. I want to wash everything in the house with it. It's a miracle!

Score #3.

Go, stimulate the economy. $26.64 for three 24-oz pouches at Amazon. It's not cheap, but you can prolong its use by mixing it with regular detergent, although I haven't tried that.

And if ProWash would like me to review it again, they know where to find me. I also like chocolates, New Balance shoes, and am mad crazy to visit England. Where I'd be very happy to introduce ProWash.

If you hate it you can always return it.


P/F said...

Don't know the environmental impact, but a tiny bit of Oxyclean in my (perfume/dye free detergent) wash makes even the stinkiest of gym clothes come out smelling fresh.

Get a giant bag of it from Costco for $17 - it lasts for months and months and months.

Kelly said...

What a lovely flower-fresh review.

Ana said...

I was asked to try Secret's Clinical Strenght Sport deodorant. Normal deodorant works fine for every day but for workouts in those technical fabrics -- lordy. The stink is incredible.

So I tried this stuff for workouts, and it really works. I had a nice, vaguely laundry-esque smell in the pits, that was all. Same result after running a marathon and again after riding a half-century. I'm sold. No more horrifically smelly laundry to do in the first place.

IHateToast said...

i bet you'll find that different body chems will need different detergents. some people are more acidic (naturally or because of what they eat).
i just make sure i stand near stinkier people. camostink.

Petraruns said...

I think you need to push this "introducing this to England" idea. We need it. Or I certainly do..

Danielle in Iowa said...

If I can't smell you, how will I be able to find you at the race? Oh wait, the blue vest...

Susan said...

Cool! I know that Marathon Maritza has the same opinion of it as you do, so that's two that love it!

LBTEPA said...


21stCenturyMom said...

I think it is cheap. If you use 1 unit per load that means you are spending only about 30 cents per load. Isn't that cheap? I think it is.