Saturday, June 21, 2008

Philly Sprint Tri: Fun

I started the day Friday trying to remember my reasons and my one thing. Which was stressing me out because I was coming up with nada. I had no idea why I was doing this. I was pretty damn sure I should not be doing it.

Poor Number One Daughter's boyfriend had to listen to my nonstop blather on Friday afternoon, as NOD had to work and got there later at night. Finally I hit on it: Fun. Oh right, I was doing it for fun!

I cannot even BEGIN to describe how nervous I was. I cried BEFORE I even got near the water, just like a baby. Strangers hugged me.

It. Was. Fantastic.

So I cried beforehand and felt like barfing afterwards. What is NOT TO LIKE?!?!

My favorite part: the bike!!!

And the swim was great: slow and steady.

And then? There was the itty bitty 5k. Blech.

I'm exhausted, and excited and there is no way I can do an Olympic distance tri on July 27. Just sayin'.

Full report with pictures and diagrams to come. Meanwhile, thanks to everyone for all your tips and tricks. I used every single one of them!


LBTEPA said...


21stCenturyMom said...

FUN! That's what I'm talking about.

And I suggest you wait a week and then re-evaluate your position on the Oly because I'm pretty sure the tears were about "I can't do this!" and you did - you did it well!

Thomas said...

Congratulations! And no danger of coming DFL either.

How long have you got until you change your mind about the Oly?

Laura said...

Congratulations!!!!! Looking forward to the full report :)

Susan said...

Way to go! I say the tears indicate just how truly excited you were. Good job, Jeanne!

eileen said...

Congratulations, you skinny bitch! And I mean that in only the best way. You are ridiculous and amazing all at once. I'm so happy!!!

Nora said...

Hooray! I think the tears must have been your way to psyche the competition out. Trick them before you kick some booty? Sneaky, sneaky!

Rainmaker said...

Wootage! Congrats on your first one. The first ones are always special ;). And nice to meet up, even if briefly!

Congrats and looking forward to the full report!

Jade Lady said...

Oh, you're so fantastic! I kept asking myself the same things before the race. IN fact, I had to go to the doctor for an ear infection, wondering and wishing if he would prescribe NO SWIMMING. And then I kept asking myself why on earth did I want to get up so early and do this thing I signed up we both know why we signed up! Glad you had a great race!

Other Jen said...

EEEEEE! You rock like a rocking thing! Look at you beating up that tri and stealing its lunch money! How awesome are you? Very, very awesome!