Monday, March 22, 2010

Once Upon a Time, There Was a Blog... a land far away, called Not Born to Run.

A lot has happened since we last shared a post.

First, our long national nightmare is finally over. I have been wanting to move since, oh, forever, and have been dutifully trudging around the city looking at apartments since, well, forever. There was something not quite right with each one. Too small, too low (ceilinged), too light-challenged, too desolate, too soul-less, too college-student-y, too expensive, too scary. You name it, I saw it.

I started with quite a list of non-negotiable criteria. 1. Must have fireplace. 2. Must be on Capitol Hill. 3. Must be near Metro. 5. Must have loads of light. 6. Must have hardwood floors! 7. Kitchen not horrible! Etc.

Well, gradually I gave things up. First to go was the fireplace. Then I jettisoned the neighborhood. Much as I love Capitol Hill, I just wasn't finding what I wanted there.

I subscribed to several Craigslist RSS apartment searches in my Google reader, and checked them, oh, about 20,000 times every day. Soon, I eliminated all criteria, and ended up just looking for a place that felt like home.

I knew I would know it when I saw it, and finally, I did. A place on Wisconsin Ave., NW D.C.:

Washington National Cathedral

No, seriously.

I am directly across the street from the National Cathedral!!

Does it get any cooler???

So the plan is this: Sell pretty much everything I own, clean my place within an inch of its life, and rent it out.

In ten days.


Running, you ask? Triathlon? Eagleman??

We'll get to that. Soon. Really.

Meanwhile, I wrote myself an e-mail with everything that's currently on my plate, to keep from losing my mind. Here's what's on it:

  • research and buy car (yes, old car is pretty much dying)
  • buy new computer (ditto, computer!)
  • get zero percent credit card (Done, yay!)
  • transfer discover credit card balance to 0 percent (can't do this til new card comes, since I lost the old card)
  • consulting proposal (yes, I've been approached to do some consulting! done!)
  • Write "10 things you can do to save the environment" one pager for my church's environment committee (done!)
  • call ferguson and ask where to send excess volunteers, plus ask about how/where to transport trash after cleanup (done! I am leading a cleanup of a tributary of Rock Creek for my church's environment committee)
  • get info in sunday flyer for cleanup (done!)
  • Get more boxes (ongoing)
  • Pack (started!)
  • Take photos of stuff I want to sell (which is pretty much everything), get on craigslist (started! you need a couch? or a daybed? Let's talk.)
  • Replace chandelier in dining table (John. (more on this))
  • Paint bedrooms (So. Not. Done.)
  • Clean out storage unit in richmond (I've had a storage unit for 12 years. I haven't looked at it in 12 years.)
  • Get new storage unit in bethesda (not started, can't think about this)
  • Do performance evals (oh man, am I late with this)
  • Read why boys fail so can talk intelligently when attend book party (excellent book, highly recommend it!)
  • BLOG--do something with it (ha ha ha ha)
  • Essay--decide on class (I took a writing class to polish my essay for Modern Love. It needs more help.)
  • Revise essay (perennial)
  • get tix for boston (my adorable friend Petra is running Boston! Yay!)
  • TAXES (sigh)

So you see? There are reasons why I am MIA.

My running is minimal. Twice a week, but that's better than nothing, right? Swimming once a week. Biking? Well, maybe there will be more now that the weather has changed.

But Eagleman?

After long and hard soul searching, and endless griping to friends (thanks, Becky!), I have decided it is just not to be this year.

I'm not happy about bagging it.

I'm not happy about paying for three months of Team Z, and not doing one single thing with them.

But, sometimes life just intervenes.

The things that are happening in my life are good and positive. I could be dropping out because I was injured. But thankfully, that's not the case.

And, there's possibly one other little itty bitty thing worth mentioning: A boy.

There's a boy.

It would be easy to say that he is diverting my attention away from my training. And you know what? That would be quite true.


Sometimes in life, one must just go for what is in front of one.

I am going for this.

It's quite literally terrifying.

I don't know what will happen. Who can ever know?

All I know is: I'm happy when I'm with him. And I think I make him happy too.

May we all find such joy in life.

Your kind thoughts and prayers are much appreciated.

Mood = Happy!