Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Minute by Minute

So, Sunday's 45-minute run on the snow-slush-ice covered trail was ... interesting. I am now so over worrying about left-right-center, which way do I go? Went left, past the shops and people's back yards, and the golf course, which was covered with kids sledding. And, people, how come none of you ever told me how much FUN it is to run to music??? What gives??

I was bopping to my music, trying not to slide into the little stream (OK, I know it's just polluted runoff from the street. Still, it gurgles, so I'm calling it a stream) that runs alongside the trail, jumping over the trees that were bowed down with snow, right across the trail. Oh not jumping over them; more like leaping over them. (In my dreams I was leaping.)

Monday I rested. (That means I worked.)

Tuesday I biked 35 minutes per (note new nickname) the little dictator's instructions. (Just kidding, LD!!)

And this morning, I ran 45 minutes on ice-covered asphalt, while listening—on my shuffle!—to the last few chapters of "With No One as Witness," by Elizabeth George. Which was at a sad part, so I started crying. To a book. On the trail. While I was running. On the ice. Nice.

Sidbar: Despite all my bitching and moaning about getting ripped off by, I am now totally addicted to books on tape. I get two "free" books per month ($22 ain't free; the library is FREE), which I went thru in one week, even though they were both like 10 hours long. So now I have to wait 14 days to get another one? Life is hard, people.

Running by minutes instead of miles rocks. Maybe it will come back to bite me, but I feel like I have broken through yet another barrier. I don't dread running anymore. I don't worry "can I run 4 miles?" I know I can. So the little dictator knows what she is doing.

Although, on the other hand, running is now harder. Harder to get my act together. Now I have to download the right music, plus the right chapters of the right book; make sure I have the watch set correctly; pack all the right things, which means 6 different running outfits because it goes from 40F to 20F in the blink of an eye.

Which meant that Sunday, I arrived at work all revved up and ready to run on the trail, only to discover ... I had packed everything but a top. I had six different kinds of pants: long pants, pants for real cold, for mid-cold, for mild; shorts (in case I stayed inside); 10 different pairs of socks, and yes, running shoes. Heading out with only a running bra on, in the snow ... well, some of you could probably do that, but I have to draw the line somewhere.

Apparently though, I don't draw the line at theft. Because I was determined to run outside. So, I did what any normal person would do: I scoured the locker room until I found a top that fit. And then I wore it. And got it good and sweaty. And then took it to the dinner party in honor of my birthday that night, where I asked my host if I could use his washing machine.

And then I skillfully placed it back where I found it, no doubt leaving its owner wondering: How did this get so clean?

I may be a thief, but I have my standards.


21st Century Mom said...

Running in the snow... the mind boggles.

I never, ever take a 'free' book from audible that is less than 14 hours long. That won't help you much because you are running through them faster than I ever have. I love listening to books while running - and that's the rule. I can only listen while running, walking or going for a long ride in the car. It helps stretch it out.

I'm going to send you my list of faves. Please send me yours.

Rhea said...

Can I just say that I like the new nickname? How weird is that?! And, also, it's the same nickname that E. has for me. Hmmmm. I guess I'm not the easygoing, relaxed person I thought I was.

jeanne said...

It's obviously a term of endearment! Given to you by your beleagured troops...:)

Anonymous said...

You're not really a thief -- you just borrowed the shirt. And you did the "lender" a favor by washing it.

m said...

I'm copying you! Today I am running by minutes and not miles. (now I have to run since I posted this!) I might even (gasp!) wear shorts.

I have the shuffle too. I am so sick of the same old music (and sick of buying it too) Not sure if I can run to a book.

a.maria said...

lol. you're not a real theif jeanne... don't worry. because you gave the shirt back. so its not really stealing


the time vs. mile running thing is interesting. i'll have to run that by my OWN torture leader.

and by the way.. the shuffle rules. i've become reliant on running with music. its addicting.

onepinkfuzzy said...

oh. my. god.

I am laughing so hard that I'm choking (attempting to not wake up the monste...uh, my wonderful son).

Have you ever thought to write a book? (seriously) Your "voice" is similar to that of my favorite author, Jenny Crusie...

jeanne said...

Angie: Thanks for the compliment!! I dream of writing a book, but I think I need a topic first. Actually, I have about 20 ideas for a book, but I think I need to write an article first. Or anything. Glad I make you laugh!

Running Chick said...

You were resourceful enough to come up with a solution to your running dilemma. and then? you WASHED it.

i heart you.

Rae said...

I love that you borrowed a shirt!! That's awesome. I bet they'll never even know!!

I'd die without my music! I have several different playlists on my nano so I can listen to different ones based on the length of my workout.